Zetrablade Vs Macroblade – What’s The Difference?

The Rollerblade brand is a leader in the market with over $20 million in anticipated sales and provides means by which people can enjoy skating all over the world.

If you already know the brand, you may want to compare Zetrablade vs Macroblade, which are the most common skates in their line-up.

Both Zetrablade and Macroblade are designed for intermediate and beginner skaters, which is why they are the best sellers.

Macroblade inline skates are great for increasing speed while Zetrablade inline skates are perfect for adjusting weight and providing control.

If you are looking to skate for recreational purposes, chose Zetrablade but if are interested in exploring the world around you or getting fit while skating, Macroblade is for you.

If you are wondering which Rollerblade to get between Zetrablade and Macroblade, continue reading this article to learn more about their differences, similarities, and factors to consider before buying one.

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Rollerblade Macroblade 80

This skate is made for casual skaters and men who are beginners and looking for improved and high-quality skates. The Macroblade 80 offers you comfort and lateral support because it comes with a padded liner, mesh upper, and secure boot design. Additionally, it gives high performance, more power transfer, and durability.

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Rollerblade Zetrablade

If you are a woman and looking for a recreational skate suitable for beginners, the Rollerblade Zetrablade is for you as it offers unbeatable support, and is comfortable, stable, and affordable. The padded liner provides a secure and snug fit while the wheels offer better wear and moderate speed.

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Differences Between Macroblade Vs Zetrablade

Macroblade is great for exploring and fitness while Zetrablade is good for recreational skating.

If you do not know which Macroblade or Zetrablade is best suited for your skating, you may want to continue reading to understand them in-depth.

These two skates are great inline skates with striking designs and great features.

There is a slight difference between them. You need to understand the differences enough to determine which is better for you.

The following shows Zetrablade and Macroblade comparison


Zetrablade and Macroblade are noticeably different in their frames because Zetrablade has a flexible monocoque composite frame, while the Macro blade comes with a twin-blade aluminum frame, and each one has a use.

The monocoque composite frame is malleable and more flexible compared to hard plastic or rugged aluminum.

Macroblade Frame

They can bend depending on the skater’s weight allowing for equal distribution of control and consistency.

The twin-blade aluminum frame is not malleable and hence cannot help with the adjustment of the skaters’ weight. They are more stable and durable compared to the composite frame.

In addition, it is lighter than regular aluminum and can withstand higher pressure.

For anyone who is into fast skating, the inline skater that has the twin-blade aluminum frame is always the better option.

Macroblade is for a skater looking to improve their speed and can play rough while Zetrablade is the better option if the skater worries about the difficulties of their control and also weight.

Wheel Size

Zetrablade and Macroblade are designed to give you an exciting experience when riding short distances such as when on recreational rides, cruising around the city, and fitness skating.

This shows why these skates have 80mm wheels which are shorter to allow the skater to make quick turns and stops because they can maneuver easily. However, Macroblade is usually more flexible than the Zetrablade.

Zetrablade Wheel Size

Zetrablade usually allows you to stick to the original size of the wheels while the Macroblade skates enable you to change your wheels with any size between 84mm and 89mm for additional speed.

Wheel Durometer

The wheel durometer determines the relative hardness of the wheel. It is measured by A-numbers. The hardest durometer is 100A while the softest durometer is 0A.

This wheel durometer reading affects the speed, wear, and shock absorption of the wheel.

When you are into fitness skating, your need extended wear and additional grip hence the wheel durometer should be ranging from 80A to 88A and Zetrablade and Macroblade are okay from this perspective.

Macroblade and Zetrablade provide 82A hardness that is not too hard for your control and they are soft enough to enhance your grip.

They offer you tweaking options hence can be replaced to fit your skating needs.


Zetrablade and Macroblade inline skates’ lines do not follow the precision standard of ABEC ratings but rather use Rollerblades SG-rated bearings.

This SG-rated bearing systems use the same number scale as the ABEC rating which shows that the higher number scale shows a higher bearing precision.

Macroblade and Zetrablade have the same SG-5 rating in their wheels hence allowing consistency and controlled rolls with less friction. For you to get better wear from both skates they have a rollerblade proprietary build.

Boots And Liners

The hard boot has better stability and control and the soft boot is more comfortable and is better ventilated.

Zetrablade and Macroblade have semi-soft shells that help keep the feet within the happy medium of hard and soft boots.

They both have engineered mesh liners hence a win-win situation for you if you choose either model.

Their anatomical stretch padding absorbs shock to offer the strength your feet need. Macroblade has a greater advantage because of their open and superior ventilation that enhances breathability and comfort.

When there is more airflow in the state the feet feel more comfortable and steadier when you wear them.

Closure System

Most modern-day models have laces and buckles and so as Zetrablade and Macroblade.

The buckle offers great support on the ankle while the 45-degree lace strap holds the heels in position for a snug fit to reduce heel lift.

Macroblade is sturdier because of the urethane strap compared to the plastic Zetrablade.

Zetrablades have speed laces while Macroblade comes with regular laces. The speed laces allow you to put on and take off the skates quickly.

The speed laces also allow you to set the right tightness you need every time for a snug fit feeling on the feet. This makes the Zetrablades to be better than the Macroblades.


Macroblade is more expensive than the Zetrablade. This is because they come with comfortable liners, a costlier frame, and a sturdier buckle.

Macroblade has several models for women and men with prices ranging from $150 to $160. However, Zetrablade carries the same selection at an affordable price because you can get it for around $120.

Birthplace Of Zetrablade And Macroblade

The Rollerblade brand is the manufacturer of both Zetrablade and Macroblade. Rollerblade was established in the year 1982 and is a common brand in the inline skate industry.

This brand makes various skates for different types of skating including aggressive, street, speed, and recreational.

The sport’s name is inline skating, but most people call it rollerblading, and this shows that the Rollerblade brand is good and popular among most skaters.

The Rollerblade brand puts its skates through tests and tough conditions to ensure that they are dependable in any circumstance.

Macroblade Vs Zetrablade – Which One is Better 100

Inline Skates

Rollerblade Macroblade Inline Skates

Macroblade inline skates are designed for skaters who have beginner and intermediate skill levels and seeking a smooth ride and a sleek look without spending a lot of money.

These inline skates feature boots that are very comfortable as they are well-padded.

Additionally, the boots feature a closure system with three steps including buckles, straps, and laces to ensure that your feet are secured when rollerblading.

Macroblade inline skates come with a variety of different wheels so that every skater with a different skill level is satisfied.

The 80mm skate is suitable for beginners while the 110mm one is best for advanced skaters. You can buy these skates in different sizes including half size as they range from size 5 to 10.5.

The frame is made of aluminum which is lightweight and offers extra transfer of power, stability, and a better feel when skating especially on rough roads and asphalt.

Macroblade 90 and 80 feature four wheels while Macroblade 110 and 100 feature three wheels.

The wheels of Macroblade 80 have 82A hardness while Macroblade 90, 110, and 100 are classified as hybrid skates because they have 85A wheels and can be used for both indoor and outdoor rollerblading.

Macroblade 90 or 80 are great for beginners as they offer a lower center of gravity which they need when starting. The smaller wheels offer extra stability and balance, and they are also softer.

For intermediate skates, the Macroblade 100 or 90 are the best option as they feature larger wheels for extra speed. Macroblade 110 or 100 are ideal for expert skaters who need superior speed.

For improved maneuverability, advanced and intermediate skaters can still select shorter rollerblades for enhanced maneuverability.

Rollerblade Zetrablade Inline Skates

Zetrablade inline skates are mostly manufactured for skaters who have beginner-level skills and looking for a cheaper skate to offer them the support, comfort, and stability that is needed when starting rollerblading.

To ensure that the Zetrablade is comfortable, it is designed with a nicer mesh and a seamless toe box.

Zetrablade Elite comes with a lace, power strap, and buckle closure system to make sure you have a secure and snug fit. It also features 82A wheels with 80mm diameter and a composite frame that maintains moderate speed and improves stability when skating.

The Zetrablade designed for men comes with black boots designed with gray highlights while the Zetrablade Elite features black and lime boots.

Zetrablade for women features a black boot with teal highlights while the Zetrablade Elite comes with a black and gray boot and the same teal highlight as that of the women’s design.

Both the Elites designs for women and men are slightly better as they feature extra mesh and padding.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Rollerblades

Factors to Consider Before Buying Rollerblades

Skill Level

You can either be an experienced, intermediate, or beginner skater in rollerblading. The different levels of skill need different types of rollerblades to ensure that your skating performance is great and smooth.

If you are a beginner, choose rollerblades that have lower-grade bearings, smaller wheels, and plastic frames to start the rollerblading adventure.

You can upgrade the parts of your rollerblade as you improve your skills to match your performance such as replacing the smaller wheels for larger wheels and getting hard boots.

Skating Style

Every skater has the skating style that they prefer to do and will need the right inline skate to make sure that you use the equipment for a longer period without replacing it and that you enjoy your riding.

Speed skates are made for riding longer distances and they offer extra comfort and last longer while aggressive skates provide you with more agility as they have small wheels.

Recreational and hockey skates are suitable if you want to skate on smoother surfaces like sidewalks.


Another important factor when choosing a rollerblade is your budget. You do not want to break the bank for skates that you may not use for long.

This is because even the cheapest rollerblades can cost you around $100 and you also need to get a helmet, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guard, which is an additional $100 to $200.

When starting rollerblading, you do not need to buy an inline skate as you can just rent it out.

Another option is to buy a cheaper second-hand skate from the local skate shop, and this will save you money.

Sizing And Fitting

Getting the right size and fit for your rollerblades is crucial. Sizing and fitting should be a priority over style and aesthetics when selecting a rollerblade.

Generally, the perfect size for your rollerblades is similar to that of your running shoes, therefore, if you wear size 6 running shoes get yourself size 6 rollerblades.

However, to ensure that the rollerblade fits perfectly follow the guideline provided by the manufacturer about sizing.

Smaller rollerblades will put pressure points on your feet while bigger rollerblades lead to blisters due to the rubbing of the boot against the foot.

Typically, the perfect fit for you is one in which you can put a pencil between your heel and the boot, without leaving room for wiggling.

You may need to try a few different skates before getting the right fit because there is no assurance that your first inline skate will fit you perfectly.

Therefore, if you are a beginner and it is your first time buying rollerblades, the advice is to go to the store so that you have the opportunity to try one before purchasing it to avoid wasting money and disappointments that come with buying the wrong size.

Final Words

Both the differences and similarities between Macroblade and Zetrablade do not summarize which type of inline skate is better than the other.

You need to understand your budget, the reason for your skating, your size, and your skill and experience level to find the right rollerblade.

Hopefully, this article has given you enough information about Zetrablade vs Macroblade and now you have all the insights to make the right decision to get started with rollerblading.

It is essential that you do your research on the options available in the market so that you get a great value

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