Benefits Of Rollerblading You Need To Know About

Benefits Of Rollerblading You Need to Know About

Rollerblading isn’t just a fun outdoor activity for kids. This pastime actually has a long list of major health benefits, from improving muscle definition and endurance to weight control and mental health benefits. Have you ever wondered why the terms rollerblading and inline skating are used interchangeably? Are the two activities the same? Good question. … Read more

How To Stop On Rollerblades When Going Downhill

How to Stop On Rollerblades When Going Downhill

Rollerblading has been growing in popularity in recent years, with many children and adults enjoying zipping down empty streets and large paved areas. Whether you do fitness skating, urban skating, or aggressive inline skating, you must know how to stop on rollerblades. It is important to practice the proper stopping and turning techniques when out … Read more

10 Rollerblading Tricks For Beginners

10 Rollerblading Tricks For Beginners

If you have recently mastered rollerblading, you are probably eager to learn some basic rollerblading tricks. Fortunately, we have some rollerblading tricks for beginners that you can read about here before you actually go out and try them. Things To Keep In Mind When Learning Basic Rollerblading Tricks Skates basically operate like small balls that … Read more

Best Inline Speed Skates (2023)

Best Inline Speed Skates

Inline speed skating is one of the most intense forms of inline skating which sees specialist sprint skaters racing around an oval track. Speed skating has more demand when it comes to the types of skates needed so finding the best inline speed skates can be challenging. Wearing the right type of skates means getting … Read more

Rollerblade Vs K2 Inline Skates (2023)

Rollerblade Vs K2

Knowing the differences between reputable inline skating brands can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the market. In this article, we compare two of the most popular brands, in our Rollerblade vs K2 match-up. Both of these well-known brands produce quality skates for you to enjoy. There may however be subtle differences between the … Read more