Impala Vs Moxi Skates – Which Is Better?

Moxi and Impala skates are used in roller skating, and both are classified as quad roller skates as they have four wheels, two at the front and two at the back.

If you are new to roller skating, you may want to know the difference or similarities between Impala vs Moxi skates.

Roller skating is an exciting activity to be involved in and finding the right skate will improve your performance and even help you with your fitness.

Impala skates were established in Melbourne, Australia in 2017 while Moxi skates were formed in Long Beach California in 2008.

Moxi and Impala skates are becoming popular among many skaters both beginners and professionals.

The increase in demand for roller skates has made these brands get into action and increase their supply. Both Moxi and Impala skates have designs that differentiate them as well as different performances and usage.

Continue reading to understand these differences and hopefully, you can decide which one is best for you easily.

Impala Vs Moxi: Design Comparison

Impala Vs Moxi


Getting the right wheels depends on the type of skating you are interested in and your level of skills wheels can either be soft or hard, wide or narrow.

Softer wheels are recommended for outdoor skating because they have good shock absorption and better grip hence allowing skating on uneven surfaces.

However, they are less durable and slow. Hard wheels are suitable for indoor skating.

Soft Or Hard Wheels?

A durometer scale runs from 0 to 100A and measures a wheel’s hardness and softness. As you get closer to 0A, your wheels become softer, and as you get closer to 100A, they become harder.

The wheels of all impala quad skates have a hardness of 82A while Moxi Jack wheels have a hardness of 97A and the Moxi Ivy, Moxi Lolly, and Moxi Beach Bunny have a durometer of 78A.

Wide Or Narrow Wheels

Narrow wheels work better with beginners and those who like fancy turns because they make it easier to maneuver.

The larger surface area of wide wheels makes them more stable during speed turning, but they are a little more difficult to control.

Most of the Moxi models have bigger wheels than Impala models hence the reason why most beginners prefer Impala skates due to their narrow feet.

You can adjust your wheels but replace them with the ones that meet the size requirements and durometer.


Roller skates roll because of bearings, which are small elements inside the wheels. It is preferable to use high-rated bearings over lower-rated ones.

Bearings are not essential to keep an eye on because it is rare to get to a speed high enough to interfere with the ABEC rating for the bearings.

ABEC ratings are based on the amount of roll the bearings present, and the numbers range from 1,3,5,7,9.

The time the wheel takes to stop spinning after you stop pushing is a direct proportion to the grade number.

Those bearings are expensive because they absorb more pressure, are durable, and have a properly balanced feel on skates.

If you want high performance treat your bearings well and avoid sand, moisture, and water.

The ABEC 5 bearings are found in Moxi Jack. Moxi Lolly and Moxi Beach Bunny skates, while ABEC 3 is in the Moxi Ivy skates. Impala skates have ABEC 7 bearings.

Impala Vs Moxi Skates Brands


It is possible to get roller skates or boots made of carbon fiber, composite plastic, PVC, Polymer, fiberglass, or leather.

A roller skate boot can be low or high, soft or hard. The boots that are higher provide enhanced ankle support compared to low-cut boots.

Hard Boot Versus Soft Boot

Hard boots are great for fitness use or longer rides because they offer stability and support. They can take on ramps, rough terrains, and concrete.

Soft boots are good if you want more maneuverability like in discos and dancing.

Impala skates have heel boots, sole, PVC upper, and lace eyelets while Moxi skates come withs strong boots and ankle padding for enhanced comfort.

Low Or High Boots

The type of skate and your skill level determines your suitable boot height. Beginners are good with high-cut boots. Low-cut boots permit ankle movements and flexibility during ankle rotation.

While high-cut boots are better suited for indoor skating, mid-cut boots are ideal for outdoor skating because they provide the extra edge needed for increased speed while ensuring comfort and support.

Most of the Impala skates and Moxi skates come with high-cut boots.

Trucks And Plates

Roller skates have plates and a truck at the bottom. Skating plates come in two categories: 45-degree and 10-degree plates. These plate number comes from the angle the kingpin is drilled.

A 10-degree plate is a free skating plate designed to place the player above the cushions and kingpin bringing a stable skating feel.

This plate had a less aggressive setup and a more vertical truck design that serves well when keeping a more upright position.

The 45-degree plate is a figure plate that places the player above the pivot pin bringing a more aggressive feel and stance.

This plate’s truck design has a horizontal setup to the skating floor and is sensitive to the movement of the skater hence permitting faster changes in direction and improving control.

Most plates are made using fiberglass and nylon and truck are made using aluminum to make them stronger.

The late that a skater need depends on the activity of skating needed. Indoor skaters need plates that do not twist.

The reason is that indoor skating does not much walking or gliding. Outdoor skating needs sturdy aluminum that absorbs the curb scrapping coming with outdoor skating.

Jam skaters need lightweight plates while skaters taking part in rhythm and dance need lightweight plats with split cushions for high performance and maneuverability.

Artistic skaters need 10-degree plates made of fiberglass and nylon to give a lightweight and robust skate.

Roller derby skaters working on numerous skills need a sturdy aluminum plate that offers stability and maneuverability.

Moxi skates’ plates have Power Dyne Thrust Nylon plates that can be upgraded while Impala skates have Aluminium alloy trucks and baseplate.


Other than four wheels in pairs, roller skates have toe stops that are unique to them.

Toe stops help when you are taking off or stopping. Different types of skating have different toe-stop requirements.


Non-Adjustable Versus Adjustable Toe Stops

Skilled skaters prefer having adjustable toe-stops in their skates because they take part in intensive skating activities such as the high jump and complex turns.

Skaters starting need toe stops that can’t be adjusted because they are doing basic skating.

Moxi skates come with adjustable toe stops while impala skates do not have one instead, they have brake stoppers.

Moxi Vs Impala Skates: Performance Review

Below is a breakdown of how Moxi and Impala skates perform across the board:


When selecting a model of roller skates you want them to be available in the stores and not always sold out. Availability is therefore an important factor when choosing skates.

Impala is gaining popularity every year as the brand improves in design and performance.

As the brand is fairly new, it is normal that it is at a disadvantage in terms of sales compared to older brands.

Although Impala skates do have a loyal following, the level of popularity won’t empty the shelves. This means Impala skates are generally available online and in stores.

Moxi skates are very popular and certain models such as Moxi Lolly skates can be tricky to find online or in stores. You’ll likely need to wait a few months before you can get your hands on the skates.

If you want quality Impala or Moxi skates soon, Impala ranks better for availability.

Impala Or Moxi Skates For Beginners

Beginner roller skates typically have different requirements compared to professional-level skates.

Impala is widely regarded as the brand for new roller skaters. To ensure new skaters acclimatize well, Impala skates focus on providing strong ankle support, a close snug, fit and high durability.

The Impala Quad skate is particularly popular with beginners.

Indoor And Outdoor Skates

Moxi skate ranges are targeted at beginners. The Ivy Jungle model is an example of their beginner range, and these skates provide a very smooth roll with maximum foot support.

Impala and Moxi are both great choices and are comparable quality for beginners in terms of skate quality, accessibility, and affordability.

Impala Or Moxi Skates For Professionals

Professional skaters are less concerned with foot support and balance in their skates, but rather focus on speed, agility, and capacity to perform skating skills.

As mentioned, the Impala brand is more focused on beginners, with the company seeking to spread the net far in terms of potential customers.

While the Impala skates are great for elite-level skaters will find the skates less good when it comes to maneuverability and flexibility.

Moxi has a broader product range and can accommodate professional skaters well. The Moxi Lolly skates are a sound investment for professionals, the skate is purposely built for elite-level skating motions.

Moxi is therefore the preferred brand compared to Impala for professional skaters.

Impala Vs Moxi Sizing

Finding the correct size of roller skates is a challenge for all skaters. Achieving the correct fit is important in terms of comfort and stability, which also affects skating performance.

The Impala size chart runs from US Women 1 to US Women 11, while for men it ranges from 12 youth to size 9. The size ranges may differ based on the specific model.

Moxi save has a broader size range, with men and women’s skates ranging from youth sizes through to 11.5 US size. Moxi tends to go up in 0.5 US size intervals which offer more specific sizing options compared to Impala.

Indoor And Outdoor Skates

When selecting roller skates you need to consider the surface on which you will be skating as the skates you purchase will need specific requirements.

The majority of Impala skates are designed for indoor skating. The Impala Quad skates have a wheel hardness of 82A which although versatile, works better indoors.

The Impala Unisex skates are an ideal hybrid option. They provide a great balance between wheel hardness and surface traction.

Moxi skates are predominantly made for outdoor roller skating. One of the most popular Moxi skates is the Beach Bunny which is ideal for outdoor surfaces due to the 78A hardness rating of the wheels.

The Beach Bunny wheels are very soft and can easily absorb rough surface impacts and have greater maneuverability compared to harder wheels.

Moxi does also provide indoor skate models such as the Moxi Lolly Indoor, however, these skates are not as easily available.

Impala skates are a better brand for indoor roller skates, while Moxi roller skates are better for outdoor skates. Both brands do offer hybrids.

Types Of Skating

Knowing your skating style will impact whether Impala or Moxi is the roller skate brand for you.

Impala skates are designed for indoor and recreational skating. This means they are ideally suited to indoor rink skating on smooth surfaces, but can sometimes venture to smooth outdoor environments.

Impala And Moxi Performance Review

Overall, you shouldn’t expect to do elite-level skating or skating on challenging terrains using Impala skates.

Moxi skates focus specifically on recreational skaters who are skating for enjoyment and exercise.

The Moxi Lolly and Beach Bunny models are also great for dance or session skating, which involves more intense movements.

Comparing the two brands, Moxi skates are more multi-purpose compared to Impala skates.

Impala Vs Moxi Quality

Skate quality is crucial as it affects all aspects including comfort, smoothness, performance capability, and durability. Skates that are better quality will have better maneuverability and speed.

Impala has built its brand on producing high-quality skates. The skates come with soles and uppers, as well as aluminum plates.

These are quality materials that hold up. However, if used regularly and robustly, Impala skates suffer in terms of durability compared to other brands.

Moxi has a broader product range and with that provides different levels of quality depending on the skater’s level.

For example, Moxi uses different plate and truck materials for beginner, intermediate, and elite-level skaters.

Although some of the Moxi skates are made using nylon uppers, they are constructed with heavy-duty suede material which generally holds up well.

When comparing product quality, Moxi is the category winner. The skates are constructed with different quality levels depending on the needs of the skater. Moxi skates are typically more durable compared to Impala skates.

Impala Vs Moxi Comfort

Comfort is one of the most important features when it comes to selecting roller skates, no matter what your quality level is.

Comfort levels are typically determined by the boot stiffness and liner quality. For skaters wanting to maximize comfort, skates that are less stiff with thick liners are ideal.

Impala skates rank well in terms of comfort. The skates have decent liner thickness and minimal chafing when braking in the skates.

Compared to other brands, Impala skates can feel stiffer which may be challenging for beginners to handle.

Moxi has focused significantly on comfort in recent years across the range. The skates achieve a good balance between soft and stiff, ensuring skaters have a comfortable fit while feeling the benefit of a balanced skate.

The Moxi liners are moisture-wicking and also pretty thick to provide extra comfort and protection.

Moxi skates generally rank better compared to Impala skates regarding comfort, especially for beginners.

Final Words

Hopefully, you now feel more informed as to the key differences between the Impala and Moxi brands. Both brands offer a good product range and quality quad skates for recreational skaters.

Impala skates offer a good range of indoor and recreational skates, with specifications ideally suited to beginner skaters.

Moxi skates is a more established brand with a broader product range. The brand has skates that are suitable for beginners right through to elite-level skaters.

In terms of comfort and quality, Moxi outperforms Impala. However, Impala skates are more available online and in stores, and are also more suitable for beginners.

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