Impala Skates Review (2023) – Are Impala Skates Good?

Roller-skating has been a popular hobby for decades and finding the right skate is essential to having a good experience.

The Impala brand is a common choice, but are Impala skates good?

In order to explore the idea of whether we could recommend the brand, we are creating our own Impala skates review.

Are Impala Skates Good

We are breaking down all of the elements of the skate that factor in a skate’s quality, including the sizing, wheels, a plate, boot, and toe stop.

Whether you are taking on the sport for the first time or coming back to it after an absence, it is nice to know which skates on the market are the right choice for you to get.

So if you are considering buying a pair of Impala skates, we have included all of the information that you need before buying them.

Why Quad Skates Over Inline Skating

Before we dive into the pros and cons of the Impala skates, let’s discuss the pros and cons of choosing a quad skate over an inline skate.

A quad skate means that there are two rows of two wheels, making a quad formation, whereas an inline skate has all of the wheels in one single line.

Quad Skates Vs Inline Skating

The fact is that both skate types have their own purposes. Inline skates are built for speed, making them a nice choice for commuters or people who like to cruise.

Inline skates are the choice if you are hoping to go down to a skate park and practice moves and tricks.

The quad skates, like the Impala skates, are much better if you are just learning how to skate. Younger skaters should go with the quad skates, because there is a lot better balance with the two rows of wheels.

Quad skates are also the right choice for dancers who people who are looking to do more tricks on the skates.

Roller derby athletes also use the classic style that you get from quad skates. If this sounds like you, the Impala skates are a good choice for you.

Skate Sizing

To begin with, the sizing on the Impala skates has not been entirely straightforward.

There seem to be mixed messages out there about whether the skates are true to size or whether you need to size up in order to get a good fit.

To settle the dispute, we had to work out where the sizing issues were happening. It turns out that the black Impala skates have a wider toe box than the other skates do, giving you a more true to size fit.

Impala Skates Size

The holographic Impala skates are much less forgiving and will run small. It seems to have something to do with the material that is used in the boot that affects whether the sizing is correct.

So, we have determined that if you get a standard black pair of Impala skates, getting the true to size fit will be appropriate, but if you are opting for a different colour or pattern, it is best to assume that the skates run small and that you need to size up in order to get a good fit.


The wheels that come with the Impala skates are on the smaller side as far as wheels go.

Outside skates have much larger wheels as they have to navigate the uneven terrain outside.

The smaller size ensures that the wheels will not be cumbersome while you are skating and they are not as fast as some of the other wheels out there.

When asking are impala skates good for outdoors, the wheels that come with the skates are not really good for outdoor skating.

The wheels that you will get from the Impala skates are 58 x 32mm in height and width. They are also an 82a on the hardness scale, which is a little bit too hard to take outside.

At this hardness level, you would not be able to smooth out the ride that you would get from cruising outside.

Finally, the bearings that come with the wheels are not the fastest that you could get, but they are decently fast. They will give you a good amount of control.

The nice things about wheels and bearings, however, is that you can easily swap them out for different ones, changing the wheels to be soft enough to use on the outdoor surface or faster moving bearings that give you a much smoother ride.

Plates And Trucks

The plate that you get with the Impala skate is lightweight, made out of aluminum. That makes the whole skate a lot lighter than some of the other skates that are out there.

Nylon plates are even lighter than the aluminum plates are, but they are not as durable.

We think that it is nice to have the stability that you can get from an aluminum plate as well.

It is heavy enough that you feel like you can move around really easily but not be so heavy that the weight is a burden.

Impala Skates Plates

The trucks along the bottom of the plates help you with steering and are adjustable.

The come pre-tightened, but if you are looking to being able to skate backward and have lot more movement with your skates, you will want to loosen up the trucks slightly. Do not loosen them too much or you will lose control over the skates.


When it comes to the boot of a roller-skate, you will want one that supplies the right amount of support to keep your ankles safe and give you the control and power that you are going for.

In the Impala skates, the boots are definitely stiff but are supportive, which is what you need.

If you compare the boots to some other skates, you will say that they are less comfortable than some, but more comfortable than many others.

This means that while they are not the most comfortable boots out there, they are still a good quality and will give you the support that you need.

Like most boots, once you have worn the Impala skates for a while, they will loosen up and become a lot more comfortable.

The more broken in they are, the more that they will mold around your feet. The boots are made out of a synthetic material, however, so they do not require much breaking in order for them to be more comfortable enough to really get skating.


One of the most fun things about having a quad skate is the sheer variety of colours that the skates can come in.

In an Impala skate review, we would be remiss if we failed to mention all of the choices that you can pick from in the boot appearance.

One of the more popular looks of Impala skates is the holographic boot, which means that the boot is reflective and colourful.

Impala Skates Colours

If you are looking for candy colours, the Impala brand offers any number of bright options for you as well.

Of course, if you are not looking for a colourful skate that is going to shout out to have you look at it, Impala does offer more subtle colours as well, including the classic white and black.

Toe Stop

The toe stop is the brake of the roller-skates. The toe stop is located in the front of the skate and it is replaceable if you happen to wear yours out.

There is a bolt that goes right through the middle, making it easy to unscrew. Likewise, if you do not want to have a toe stop, you can remove it altogether. Some skaters do prefer to skate without one.

The Impala toe stop is rubber and quiet to use. The stop itself is a large size, so it really can help you slow down or stop. That said, not everyone is happy with the toe stop on the Impala skates.

The number one issue that is reported by the toe stop is that the stop itself is not adjustable.

There are definitely pros to being able to adjust your toe stop, but most people really do not need to fine-tune their toe stop, especially if you are a newer skater who is just figuring out how things work out on wheels.

When you are just starting out on the skating world, you will want to know how to stop quickly and safely, or you will find yourself on the ground pretty quickly.

It takes some time to work out how to control yourself on wheels and having the toe stop available will lessen the risk of you crashing hard if it came to that.

The speed at which you can wear out a toe stop will depend entirely on you. Some people really go through their toe stops while others can have the same one for years without ever needing to change it.

It just comes down to how much you use it. Beginners are more likely to burn through toe stops as they begin to master the control and movement of the skates.


One of the best elements of Impala that we must review is that the brand cares about its environmental impact.

It is a vegan product, so they do not use any animal products in the manufacturing.

In fact, these are even PETA approved, which is a kind of compliment that products cannot really buy.

The material might not be leather, but it behaves a lot like leather does, so it will mold to your feet and feel nice.

The downside is that the material does not breathe nearly as well as leather would, but if you are concerned about animal products, this is a perfectly acceptable option to go with.

Also, the brand pays attention to their carbon footprint in all areas of the production, from the boot and padding to the plate and toe stop.

Impala Skates Review

Having a brand that is environmentally conscious is a nice treat and makes us more inclined to recommend these skates to others.

Durability-wise, the Impala skates are not the most durable with the exterior colouring. The colours might be super fun, but they will come off if you are rough on the skates.

General wear and tear will start to affect the toe, rubbing off the exterior. You can get toe covers that are made especially for the purpose of preserving the toe of the skate.

Skill Level

In our Impala skate review, we also need to cover what skill level is appropriate for these skates.

The Impala skates are really good for beginners. They have enough support to stabilize your ankles, and they will really help you master your moves as you begin to try out new things.

The Impala skates also work well for returning and intermediate skaters who will be putting more wear and tear on them.

As we mentioned above, the toe of the boot can rub down with a lot of use, but the boots themselves are not going to wear out on you quickly.

Professional skaters are unlikely to opt for Impala skates, but for beginning and intermediate skaters, they are an amazing way to really enjoy skating.

Best Impala Choices

Here are our choices for the best Impala skates that deserve a review.

1. Impala Quad Skate Improller1:

The Impala Quad Skate Improller1 is the best choice if you are looking for the most cost-effective of the Impala skates. These come with a padded collar and tongue, providing a high level of comfort.

There is also a water-proof boot that has a high level of ankle support. The skates have the 82A wheels that we mentioned above as well as ABEC 7 bearings as well.

2. Impala Roller Skates Holographic

A more fun pair of Impala skates is the Impala Holographic skates. They have see-through wheels and a toe stop.

They also have metal speed lace eyelets and come with 82s durometer nylon core urethane wheels. This keeps this pair in-line with the other Impala skates that we have seen.

3. Impala Rollerskates Marawa Rose Gold

The Marawa Rose Gold skates are much like the other skates that are out there. They still have the same tall boot, toe stop, and familiar wheels.

The difference is the type of material that is used and how comfortable the skates will be.

The skates like this are the stiffest ones that are out there, so keep that in mind if these are the skates that you are looking into.

Final Words

When trying to work out if impala skates are good, we have to say that the Impala skates are definitely a steal for their price.

They offer the classic roller-skate look that many skaters really look for but are made with all of the modern conveniences that we can appreciate.

After reading our Impala skate review, we can only hope that you will know that they are a trustworthy skate for hobbyists who like to get out there are move, but are not so serious that they need something more professional.

These skates make a great gift for people who are considering taking up or returning to the sport.

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