Best Rollerblades For Street (2023) – Street Rollerblades

Finding the best rollerblades for street skating can be a challenge if you’ve never gone through the process.

Advances in technology and manufacturing have enabled a wide range of street rollerblades available to purchase, but knowing good from poor quality requires some good market insight.

Since the pandemic and the rise of TikTok, rollerblading has become an increasingly popular sporting activity, with many taken by the appeal of traversing the streets at speed and performing various tricks and stunts.

Vogue magazine even stated that 2020 was the Summer of rollerskating.

We’re here to help you find the best urban skate for your skating needs.

Editor's Choice - Men
Rollerblade Twister XT

Our top choice for men’s street rollerblades is the Rollerblade Twister XT. This skate provides you with upgraded cushioning, breathability, improved fit, and great performance. It also ensures you have a consistent, comfortable, and tight wrap around your shin.

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Editor's Choice - Women
Rollerblade RB Cruiser

Another top choice for the best rollerblades for street is the Rollerblade RB Cruiser. It provides you with the durability and maneuverability that you need in a street rollerblade. Additionally, it comes at a great price point for exceptional value and quality.

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High Performance
Powerslide Next 100

For a high-performing street rollerblade, the Powerslide Next 100 is a great choice. It provides great agility and stability at the push-off. The design includes a shell with lace holes and a memory fit for additional support and comfort.

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Rollerblade RB Cruiser

For an affordable option, the Rollerblade RB Cruiser for men is a great option. It is easy to wear and remove this skate and its rigidity ensures you have a durable skate with enough responsiveness. You will get great performance, support, and comfort from this inline skate.

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10 Best Rollerblades For Street (2023)

We will review the 10 best products available in 2023, comparing the product design and performance capability.

We also discuss some factors that will help guide your purchasing decision, such as sizing, liners, wheels, and frames. Read on to learn more!

1. Rollerblade Twister XT Street Skates

Best Rollerblades For Street (Editor’s Choice – Men)


The Rollerblade Twister XT is designed with new features making it the most popular street skate ever. Additionally, they look better because of the lime accents.

The new Twister XT design features include Skate Liner Plus v-cut liners which provide an improved fit and enhanced breathability.

The boot tongue is made from Comfort Flex, which is made with cushioned wings and a plastic outer piece to ensure your foot is well-wrapped inside the boot. The tongue design also improves skate control.

Sizing is easily adjustable due to the Footboard Sizers which allow you to adjust by up to half a size. This is ideal for skaters who may swell up after skating and need some extra room.

Rollerblade Twister XT


The Twister XT is an ideal skate choice for street skating. They ensure maximum absorption due to the heel shock absorbers, removable sliders, and closures which are dual buckles.

The strong shock absorption is also enabled by the extra responsive aluminum frames.

The 80mm wheels have an 85A durometer which provides a good balance of responsiveness, agility, and speed which is crucial for street skaters who often skate in aggressive styles.

The ILQ-9 Classic Plus Bearings also ensure a smooth roll.


  • Adjustable foot size
  • New, high-quality design features
  • Comfort Flex Tongue provides extra control.
  • Versatile wheels


  • Lacks durability if used for aggressive skating.

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2. Rollerblade RB Cruiser

Editor’s Choice – Women


The Rollerblade RB Cruiser features a molded plastic shell with a relaxed fit compared to other models in the RB line-up.

The shell is wider in size, meaning you can easily put it on and remove it. It is durable and makes maneuvering easy.

This inline skate is stylish as it comes in an aqua/black color making it ideal for urban/street skating.

It is designed with features that make it suitable for skating outdoors such as comfort, durability, support, and performance.

Rollerblade RB Cruiser


The Rollerblade RB Cruiser comes with a boot that features removable liners as well as shock-absorbing padding to ensure you have a smooth ride, especially during impact.

The trainer footbed and sublimated lining also contribute to the shock-absorbing.

The boot is made snug and secured by the three-part closure system. The aluminum frame holds in place 4 wheels with 84A hardness and measuring 80mm. The wheels roll smoothly with the help of the SG7 bearings.

If you are a beginner and still learning the tricks of the game, this inline skate features a brake.


  • Great padding.
  • Comfortable.
  • Shock-absorbing properties.
  • Enough support.


  • Too bulky and stiff.
  • Sizing problems.

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3. Powerslide Next 100 Street Skates

High Performance


The Powerslide Next 100 comes with three short wheels measuring 100mm to provide you with agility when riding making it suitable for street skating.

The boots come with a cuff height that you can adjust and cutouts to change flex.

The trinity mounting on the boots allows you to replace it with any other trinity frame as they are compatible.

Powerslide Next 100


The trinity mounting on the Powerslide Next 100 lowers the skate to provide you with power and stability at push-off.

The aluminum frame can be adjusted and removed and have a short wheelbase for responsiveness and high agility.

The boot’s interior has removable dual-fit liners that mold naturally to your feet or you can use heat to mold it to contour to your feet.

The lace holes and memory fit is paired perfectly with the shell to provide support and comfort.

The 100mm wheels have 88A hardness and ABEC9 bearings which make them smooth and fast. It does not have any brakes and is suitable for advanced and intermediate skaters.

The boot is made of reinforced plastic and is made secure by the three-part closure system.


  • Smooth on the pavement.
  • Picks up speed easily.
  • Easy to stop even without brakes.


  • Issues with sizing.

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4. Rollerblade RB Cruiser

Budget Friendly


The Rollerblade RB Cruiser is constructed in a way that you will have a relaxed fit when you wear it compared to other RB models with molded plastic.

The shell is designed to be wider to make it easy for you to wear and remove it. However, it comes with the rigidity needed for durability and response.

The RB Cruiser comes at an affordable price but with exceptional value and it gives you the performance, comfort, and support that is required for all street inline skates.

Rollerblade RB Cruiser


The Rollerblade RB Cruiser for men comes with little to no break-in time to allow you to enjoy your skates as soon as you get them.

The interior of the boot has padding and performance liners that absorb shock when skating to ensure you are comfortable.

The aluminum frame supports the 85A wheels that measure 80mm. The hardness of 85A makes the skate ride smooth on the urban streets. This rollerblade is ideal for beginner and intermediate skaters.

For a secured fit, the boot comes with three different closures including a cuff buckle, 45-degree buckle, and standard lacing. The rating of the bearings is Rollerblade SG7 which is a good rating to make the wheels ride smoothly.

This rollerblade does not have a brake and the cuff size is medium.


  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Affordable.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Good quality.
  • Sturdy boot.


  • The back wheel can make some noise.

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5. FR Skates FR3 80

For Wide Feet


The FR Skates FR3 80 combines freestyle and freeride skating. They come with XR2 aluminum frames that can rocker the rear and front wheel when it flips the axles are upside down.

The mounting blocks are integrated like the FR1 to ensure that there is response and synergy between the skate and feet as well as the frames and boots.

FR Skates FR3 80


If you have wide feet and looking for street rollerblades that are affordable, the FR Skates FR3 80 is a good option.

These skates are cheaper than the FR1 model. They come with plastic buckles instead of metal as well as rocker able frames.

This inline skate features 80mm wheels with 85A hardness which is great for outdoor surfaces that are smooth such as street pathways. It features the MW7 bearings that make it freestyle ready.

The FR3 80 is suitable for advanced and intermediate skaters. The boot is constructed using Molded plastic shell and the cuff size is medium.

The interior of the boot features removable premium insoles and removable Drylex memory foam.

For a snug and secure fit, the boot comes with a three-part closure system which is made up of standard lacing as well as a plastic ratchet buckle and cuff buckle.

This skate does not come with a brake but you can use the FR Skates 4W brake mount it is compatible with it.


  • Comfortable and fits snugly.
  • Supportive and stable.
  • Durable.


  • Issues with the screws.

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6. Rollerblade Twister Special Edition


The Twister Special Edition is among the most popular skates found in the market. It is a durable skate that has a lot of features for full comfort and stability when cruising on the streets.

These skates have new fit features with enhanced and lightweight shells and a footboard sizer to allow the skater to get maximum performance.

There is a skate Liner Plus and the Insole Plus enhances skateability and improves wrapping. It is more breathable and has shock-absorbing padding at the heel.

Special Edition


The boot of this Special Edition has great features from the lightweight shell of its previous versions. It is a versatile molded shell that is highly durable and vented.

There are V-cut liners for performance, breathability, and improved fit. It has the Comfort Flex tongue that uses a complex plastic outer piece that has cushioned wings for flex and support.

There is a consistent and tight wrap around the shin for enhanced control without the lace bite.

Under the Performance Plus insole, there are Neoprene stretch toes with Footboard sizes to improve the fit and relieve people with swollen feet during long skating sessions.

The skates have removable, adjustable, and mounted to the aluminum mounting blocks in the boot for synergy and enhanced control. It has the ILQ-9 Twin Cam Classic Plus Bearings. They have 85A hydrogen wheels.


  • Better control and flex
  • Custom precise fit
  • Superior performance and less vibration.
  • Provide a premium and anatomical fit.


  • Take a bit longer to break in

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7. Rollerblade RB Pro X


RB Pro X is designed to provide comfort in all environments with its molded boot. They have a new sublimated anatomical liner with added top eyelets and the training footbed to create ideal support.

For optimal fit it features a lace and a 45-degree closure system. The 85A wheels and the bearings provide stability, speed, and control with standard brakes.

The RB Pro X is a versatile and ultra-responsive urban skate.

Rollerblade RB Pro X


It has a responsive extruded aluminum frame with 80mm 85A wheels with ILQ-7 bearings providing stability and control when at the skate park and maneuvering around the sidewalks.

The advanced closure system has a micro-adjustable 45-degree buckle, cuff buckle, and precise fit lacing.

Rollerblade wheels provide balanced performance at 80mm with an 85A durometer and a rigid shell that provide maximum protection and support for aggressive urban riding.


  • Superior support and optimal cushioning
  • Durable shell
  • Advanced closure system.
  • Maximum speed and reduced wear.
  • Stable and responsive.


  • Puts pressure on the toe at the beginning.

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8. K2 Trio 110


In addition to their high performance, K2 Trio skates are great for urban commuting and outdoor exercise.

They have one-piece soft boots that offer comfort, responsiveness, and a good fit. This skate is sized to run small, so you should choose one size larger than your regular shoe size.

K2 Trio 110


The K2 Trio has a V-cut cuff that provides enhanced maneuverability for versatile skating.

In addition, they have an aluminum frame for direct handling characteristics, as well as a super lightweight skate

110 wheels with 90A hardness make it easy for the skater to achieve a high speed and maintain the high speed for a long.

They also have the Universal Frame System (UFS) a mounting system that offers opportunities with varying setups and pairing different boots and frames.

They are anatomically-shaped built-in liners. Combined with the breathable mesh in the liner, the foam keeps the feet well-ventilated and comfortable.


  • Speed lacing
  • Durable frame
  • Stable.
  • High-performance wheels.


  • Not suitable for beginners

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9. Fly Eagle F3S Origami Skates


The Flying Eagle F3S skates are inline skates known to challenge most high-end models for a small price.

They have a rugged shell boot that is supportive. It has ventilation holes to keep the foot cool and provide extra flexion.

The construction of the boot benefits users that want a decent energy transfer with fewer pressure points on the foot hence reducing fatigue.

They have wheels of 85A that provide a smooth and grippy role. Those who want Freestyle skating may need to upgrade from these skates.

They have a liner that is price exceptional. Their soft padding keeps their feet comfortable and great when skating for long periods.

Flying Eagle F3S Origami Skates


The Flying Eagle F3S skates have a responsive hard shell with a low price, great fit, and comfort. The skates are good for free skating and urban skating.

The skate has high-quality buckles, a shock eraser pad in the heel, and replaceable sliders for smoothing out stairs and jumps.

There are removable liners that are comfortable ad well-padded. The boots mount 165mm to give a skater various options if they want to change the wheel configuration.

The skate can work well for jumps, regular fitness skating, slides, and slalom with great cuff support. They have ABEC 7 bearings.


  • Durable.
  • Breathable skate.
  • Removable liner and replaceable sliders.
  • Resistant for all types of fitness, urban and free skating.
  • High-quality hardware.
  • Neoprene toe for control and fit.


  • The bearings could be upgraded.

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10. Rollerblade RB 110 3WD


The RB 110 3WD are mid-range three wheels for city and urban skating. This 110 3WD is suitable for all skill levels because of its functionality, simplicity, and ease of fit.

It has a 3WD frame that uses three 110mm supreme wheels of 85A hardness. Their bearings are SG7.

The molded boot technology with the speed and control of the ride, secure closure system, lateral support, and shock-absorbing padding gives an ultra-responsive, fast and versatile skate most riders will appreciate.

Rollerblade RB110 3WD


They are molded boot skates perfect for skaters in need of skate technology with durable hard shells without having to break a bank. These skates enable a rider to skate everywhere and anywhere. They are durable and versatile.

They have a supportive and ventilated molded shell that provides exceptional lateral support for breathability.

There is a performance liner that has an extra heel for better vibration dampening and dual buckle and lace closure making the skate your foot extension.

There is a rigid 3WD extruded aluminum frame of 255mm/10″. It is stable with a lower profile design that lowers the center of gravity with maneuverability and increased speed. The frames can easily be adjusted.

The skates have Rollerblade Supreme 110mm/85A wheels that maximize grip, speed, roll, and wear. They also have an SG7 bearing that spins fast and provides appropriate speed.


  • Extremely versatile and durable.
  • Exceptional support and breathability.
  • High-performance liner.
  • Fast.

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Things To Consider When Choosing Street Rollerblades

Best Rollerblades For Street 2023

Skate Fit & Sizing

Sizing and fit are important factors to consider when buying street skates because your feet should feel comfortable when rollerblading, otherwise you will not enjoy your rides.

Fortunately, most street rollerblade manufacturers give sizing guidelines on their websites to help you decide on the right size.

If the sizing guideline is not provided in cases where you are buying a second-hand skate, the general rule is that you buy one size up that your regular shoe.

When fitting a skate, ensure that there is enough room for your toe to move but not a lot.

The boots should not be too tight and squeeze your feet and cause pressure points but if they are soft give them time to break in and expand.

Additionally, they should not be too big as your feet will develop blisters due to the rubbing.

Before committing money to rollerblade ensure that you try it first so that you do not waste your money buying an expensive inline skate that does not fit you.

If it is your first time buying a skate, it is advisable that you go to a skating shop and try on the rollerblades.

Your Skill Level

The level of your rollerblading skills is also another key factor to put in mind when buying an inline skate.

Your skill level can either be advanced, expert, intermediate, or beginner. There are various options of street rollerblades to choose from that will suit your skill level.

If you are starting rollerblading or getting back to it after a while, rollerblades with smaller wheels, low-grade bearings and frames made out of plastic are a good option for you as they provide the stability and balance that you need when learning the skills.

For advanced skaters, rollerblades with improved designs and features to match the skill level are recommended as you don’t want to be slowed down while complex doing tricks and turns.

High-performing skates are recommended for expert skaters.

Wheel Size & Durometer

Most street rollerblades’ wheels are designed using polyurethane to make them last longer and perform well.

However, the wheel’s material is not very significant compared to its size and hardness (durometer).

Rollerblade wheels can be small or big with a measurement ranging from 70mm to 100mm. Your style of skating will determine the size of the wheels that you get.

Street inline skates with smaller wheels are for skaters who prefer short distances and need to make quick turns and stops.

However, street rollerblades with bigger wheels are a great option for professional and racing inline skaters as they offer great performance and speed.

Durometer is the term used to refer to the wheel’s hardness and softness and is denoted by the letter A and ranges from 0 to 100. A lower durometer reading means that the wheel is soft while a higher reading means a harder wheel.

The surface that you are skating on is a key factor when choosing the durometer of your wheel. Outdoor surfaces like rough roads and asphalt need softer wheels while indoor surfaces need harder wheels.

Boots & Liners 

Street rollerblade boots come in two types, that is, hard and soft. If you are a beginner, choose softer boots as they are well-ventilated and comfortable.

For experienced and advanced skaters, street inline skates with hard boots are the best option as they provide more control and stability.

When it comes to liners, there are different types available, and finding the best one for your feet will ensure that you are comfortable. The types of liners include memory-fit, heat-moldable, auto-fit, and standard.

Memory-fit and auto-fit liners contour your feet using pads or gels and take their shape with time. These liners offer additional comfort and support compared to standard liners.

Heat moldable liners make use of the heat just as the name suggests and takes the shape of your feet as it cools down and hardens.

The standard liners are the most basic liners that use foam materials to provide the needed padding and comfort for your feet.


Taking into account the weight, stiffness, and longevity of the frame will make sure that you find the best one. Skate frames are constructed using different types of materials including plastic, carbon, and aluminum.

Plastic frames are less stiff, heavier, cheaper, and less durable. They are the best frames for beginner skaters as you do not want to spend a lot of money when learning how to rollerblade.

The plastic frames are heavy hence making the street inline skate heavier.

Aluminum frames are suitable for intermediate skaters. They have less weight and higher stiffness compared to plastic frames. They are also slightly more expensive, efficient, and durable than the plastic frame.

Carbon frames have a longer lifespan and less weight and are an improvement to aluminum frames. They are found in skates suitable for advanced-level skaters.

When skating, energy transfer is created by the frame’s stiffness, which makes it crucial. The skate moves when you thrust your legs in an outward motion which creates the necessary energy which moves to the frame through the boot, then the wheels, and eventually to the surface.


Bearings are a critical part of the rollerblade as it enables the wheels to roll smoothly and allow you to reach maximum speed.

The main purpose of having bearings on your wheels is to minimize the friction between the frame and the wheel while rollerblading.

To estimate the precision of a bearing, each one of them comes with an ABEC rating.

An ABEC rating that is higher means that the precision is higher and when rollerblading you will experience less resistance which allows you to maintain speed.

It is recommended that you clean and lubricate the bearings regularly so that they last longer and provide you with a smooth ride.


Some street rollerblades have brakes while others do not.

Beginners are encouraged to buy rollerblades with brakes as you will need them when learning how to ride especially when making quick stops.

This is because most recreational and fitness skates come with brakes either on the front or at the back.

For expert and experienced skaters, rollerblades without brakes are a great option because you can handle stopping and maintaining the speed without needing the brakes.

3 Wheel Vs 4 Wheels Urban Skates – Which One Is Better?

3 Wheel vs 4 Wheels

3-wheel urban skates come with big wheels which help you to roll faster and for longer as well as get over cracks and bumps easily to ensure you have a smooth ride.

The only issue with these skates is that for you to reduce or increase speed, you need more skill and energy.

However, you have increased maneuverability and performance with 3-wheel skates because they have shorter frames.

On the other hand, four-wheel urban skates are more stable and come with smaller wheels. These skates are suitable for beginner or returning skaters as it makes gaining confidence and skill easier and quicker.

4-wheel urban skates are less maneuverable because of the long frames but they are stable.

They are ideal for straight-line fitness, cross-training, and marathon skating where stability and high speed are required.

Additionally, 4-wheel skates are great for skaters who prefer skating with their knees upright and not bent.

Can Women Use Men’s Street Skates?

Yes. Women can use men’s skates but they need to consider a few factors.

First, women’s sizing is different from men’s sizing as the men’s skates are one size smaller compared to the women’s skates. So, if your skate size is 7, you should buy a men’s size 6.

The second thing to consider is that the boot of men’s street skates has a higher cuff than the women’s ones because the cuff muscle in men is higher compared to the women’s cuff muscle. Therefore, rollerblades are designed to accommodate men’s and women’s anatomy.

Final Words

Hopefully, you now feel in a better place to work out the best rollerblades for street skating to suit your needs.

Our choice for the best urban skates is the Rollerblade Twister XT. This skate provides you with upgraded cushioning, breathability, improved fit, and great performance.

It also ensures you have a consistent, comfortable, and tight wrap around your shin.

Another top choice is the women’s Rollerblade RB Cruiser. It provides you with the durability and maneuverability that you need in a street rollerblade.

Additionally, it comes at a great price point for exceptional value and quality.

There are many quality products out there. The reviews we provide are our top 10, but if you dig further there may be other models from the same brand that will also suit your needs.

When looking to find the best street skate for your needs, you should work out your skill level, budget, and surface type, as these factors will help guide your decision.

Street rollerblading is a brilliant activity that not only burns calories but is eco-friendly and sociable, allowing you to meet fellow skaters who love life with 3 or 4 wheels on their feet.

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