Best Roller Skates For Heavy Skaters (2023) – Plus Size Roller Skates

Roller skating is a fun, inclusive sport for all. Unfortunately, those who are in the heavier proportion of our population often complain about the challenges in finding the best roller skates for heavy skaters.

Although the skating style is a factor, typically heavier roller skaters should choose roller skates that are constructed from a real leather boot, have wheels that are thick and hard, and choose skates, which are built with stiff metal plates to withstand the extra weight.

Luckily, there are plenty of great quality skates with these features.

We will help you find your perfect plus-size roller skates by exploring some of the best options available in the market. We will also outline some factors to consider to help you in the purchasing process.

Rest assured the process will be straightforward as soon as you’ve processed all the information in this article.

Editor's Choice
VNLA Parfait Roller Skates

Our editor’s choice for the best roller skates for heavy skaters is the VNLA Parfait Outdoor Roller Skates which provide female skaters with a stylish boot design and strong performance thanks to the stiff aluminum plates, which also provide a lightweight feel.

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High Performance
Moxi Lolly Sunlite Roller Skates

Our high-performance choice is the VNLA Parfait Outdoor Roller Skates. They are available in a wide range of boots and wheel colors and are designed with high-quality wheels and bearings, generating a smooth roll for a heavier skater. These handmade skates deliver stylishness, durability, and comfort.

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Budget Friendly
Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates

Our budget-friendly recommendation is the Moxi Beach Bunny Outdoor Roller Skates. The skates are perfectly suited to outdoor skating and provide heavier skaters with an affordably priced skate that offers high-quality foot and ankle protection. The liner material also adds boot breathability.

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For Men
VNLA A La Mode Roller Skates

Our best choice for men is the VNLA A La Mode Outdoor roller skates. These skates are constructed with a high-quality suede material that will protect your foot and ankle while skating. The skates also include a padded liner, which provides a strong protective barrier.

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8 Best Roller Skates For Heavy Skaters (2023)

To help you in your search for the best roller skates for heavy skaters, we have tested and reviewed the 8 best roller skates in this category that are currently available online.

Our reviews provide insight into the design, performance, pros, and cons of each skate.

We have also categorized the reviews to present our editor’s choice, a high-performance choice, a budget-friendly option, an option for men, and an indoor option.

1. VNLA Parfait Roller Skates

Best Roller Skates For Heavy Skaters (Editor’s Choice)


The VNLA Parfait Outdoor roller skates are the first premium, high-top ladies skates roller skates designed by the brand.

Constructed with a microfiber boot and aluminum plate and trucks, the VNLA Parfait Outdoor skates are a great purchase for heavy female skaters.

The boot construction includes 3 hues which provide your feet with structured support with a soft feel.

The boot interior is also designed with lots of padding to guarantee a comfortable fit.

The vibrant boot color schemes which include purple, aqua, and coral are very fashionable and keep in the tradition of the Parfait brand. You’ll be a guaranteed trendsetter.

Extra support is provided by a durable, thick tongue, which contrasts in color with the boot color for extra visual appeal.

VNLA Parfait Outdoor Roller Skates


The VNLA Parfait Outdoor performance is widely acknowledged for being lightweight and smooth.

The inclusion of aluminum trucks and plates which include 85-90 A polyurethane cushions, ensures the Parfait is 20% lighter than other skates.

The Parfait skates are ideal for outdoor skating due to the 78A transparent wheels which measure 58mm by 32mm in diameter.

No matter whether you like cruising on the pavements or road or a skate park, the mid-range priced Parfait outdoor skates will serve your needs well.


  • Premium construction for a mid-range price
  • Aluminum plates and trucks provide a lightweight feel
  • Trendy boot and tongue color schemes
  • Double-up purchase offers are available


  • Designed for female skaters only

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2. Moxi Lolly Sunlite Roller Skates

High Performance


The New Moxi Lolly Sunlite Outdoor roller skates are premium skates designed to give high levels of comfort, durability, and stylishness.

The skates are individually handmade in the USA, with each skate made from high materials with strong attention to detail.

The boot is constructed from premium suede leather, which is very comfortable for heavy skaters particularly as it breaks in very quickly.

The New 2021 model includes the design of an improved upper for added comfort.

One of the iconic features of the Sunlite outdoor skates is the Sunlite plate. Also constructed in the US, this plate provides unbeatable strength while weighing 40% lighter than rival aluminum plates.

Moxi Lolly provides a lifetime guarantee against plate breakage, giving you extra reassurance about its strength.

The skates are available in eight boot color options and five-wheel color options for you to mix and match.

Moxi Lolly Sunlite Outdoor Roller Skates


The Sunlite outdoor skates include Sure-Grip Boardwalk outdoor wheels which are widely regarded as the best wheels in the market for roll smoothness and durability.

ABEC-7-rated bearings are pre-installed to maximize the wheel roll.

The high-top boot design ensures your feet and ankles are well-protected while also providing foot warmth in cooler conditions.


  • Premium suede leather boot for high comfort
  • A vast range of boot and wheel color options
  • High-quality wheels and bearings for a smooth roll


  • Premium price

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3. Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates

Budget Friendly


The Moxi Beach Bunny Outdoor Roller skates are a fantastic budget-friendly skating option for heavy skaters.

Designed as a high-top boot with extra ankle padding, the skate is very comfortable for skaters to wear despite being constructed from affordable materials.

The vinyl material boot is drum-dryed which enhances the color saturation to give the skate an added visual appeal. While the bright-colored laces add to the overall stylishness of the skate.

The skates are available in five different color options including a peach blanket, sky blue, and watermelon, giving you a great range of options to choose from.

Moxi Beach Bunny Outdoor Roller Skates


The performance of the Beach Bunny skates compares well against premium skate options.

The Beach Bunny 58mm urethane wheels are 78A, offering a good balance of speed with quality abrasion which is ideal for pavement skating.

The ABEC-5-rated bearings enable a smooth roll but will be less precise compared to higher rted bearings.

The Beach Bunny skates are also breathable thanks to the Dri-Lex liner which has moisture-wicking properties which prevent your feet from overheating.


  • Quality construction for an affordable price
  • The trendy vinyl boot is available in a range of vibrant colors
  • 78A hardness wheels are well-suited to outdoor skating


  • Limited speed due to bearing rating

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4. VNLA A La Mode Roller Skates

For Men


The VNLA A La Mode Outdoor roller skates are a great option for male heavy skaters looking for a sturdy, premium-quality skate.

Utilizing the best of VNLA’s high-end manufacturing capability, the A la Mode skates include a creamy-colored suede boot material, with options including ube purple, blue moon, or mocha brown.

Included in the boot design is a superior comfort patterned liner which ensures your feet are well-protected and the skates are comfortable to wear.

Female heavy skaters can also benefit from this design as they are made to be unisex, with the manufacturer providing a clear sizing guide depending on gender.

VNLA A La Mode Outdoor roller skates


The A La Mode skates are made with the new Jelly Roll wheels which are made by Backspin. The wheels measure 62mm x 38mm with a 78A hardness, serving skaters well on difficult terrains.

The wheels are supported by ABEC-9-rated VNLA Reaction bearings which ensure your skates can handle any debris or bumps that you encounter.

The adjustable rubber toe stop on the A La Mode is durable and provides quality stopping power from high speeds.


  • Available for men and women
  • High-quality suede boot material that is available in a range of colors
  • Very comfortable with strong ankle protection from the patterned liner

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5. VNLA Luna Avanti Roller Skates

Indoor Roller Skates


The VNLA Luna Avanti Indoor Roller Skates are a high-quality indoor skating option for heavy skaters.

Built with style and class in mind, the boot is made from Luna Black’s quality suede material with stylish eyelets and an oil finish to give a stunning, modern look.

In terms of comfort, the Avanti performs well. The lining in the boot interior is specifically designed to give your feet a warm, snug feels that also provides extra protection from injury.

The Luna Avanti is designed with either the aluminum or white magnesium plate, enabling you to choose your preferred plate material.

The plates are both ultra-responsive and have 10-degree double action. They are durable while not sacrificing a lightweight feel.

The Luna Avanti is available only in black suede material, ensuring a highly unique look.

VNLA Luna Avanti Indoor Roller Skates


The Luna Avanti is made with quality Sure-Grip Velvet wheels which are a reimagining of vintage Vanathane wheels.

This wheel type is known for being used in early roller skates and skateboards are designed to give a great balance of grip and slip on indoor skating surfaces.

The hard 99A-rated wheels are fitted with ABEC-9-rated bearings which ensure extra skating precision.


  • Quality VNLA construction
  • 99A-rated wheels for extra hardness and durability for indoor skating
  • Comfortable suede boot

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6. Riedell 120 Sunlite Aerobic Roller Skate


The Riedell 120 Sunlite Aerobic Outdoor Roller Skate provides heavy skaters with a quality, mid-range skate that is ideal for performing outdoor aerobic activities.

Designed to be lightweight and comfortable, the 120 Sunline skate is made from genuine leather which will break in soon after first use.

The Dri-Lex lining on the boot interior provides supreme comfort for skaters of different foot sizes and shapes, while ankle padding and enhanced boot quarters provide extra foot protection while performing moves such as jumps or dance moves.

The 120 Sunlite skate is ideal for aerobic activities such as dancing or yoga. This is largely due to the aluminum plates which are designed with a patented V Bracing design.

The plates are 40% lighter than rival products and also have a lifetime warranty against breakage.

Riedell 120 Sunlite Aerobic Roller Skate


The 120 Sunlite skates are made with 85A hardness wheels measuring 62mm x 38mm. These relatively soft wheels will provide a smooth roll on outdoor surfaces such as pavements or roads.

The smooth roll is also supported by ABEC-7-rated bearings, while the adjustable toe stop provides a quality skate braking system.


  • Unisex design is available for all skaters
  • 8 wheel color options
  • Strong foot protection for aerobic skating activities


  • Only black or white boot color options

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7. Sure-Grip Boardwalk Roller Skates


The Sure-Grip Boardwalk Indoor Roller Skates are a flamboyant indoor roller skate option for male and female heavy skaters.

Designed with premium suede, the boot is distinctive as it includes a stitched sole that serves to provide added durability and stability.

The skate is only available in a vibrant pink boot color with pink wheels, pink laces, and pink metal eyelets. If pink is your favorite color, these are the skates for you.

The skates include lightweight nylon plates to ensure the skates are not too heavy when gliding.

The adjustable toe stop is designed in a gray color to provide a nice contrast with the predominant pink design.

Sure-Grip Boardwalk Roller Skates


The Boardwalk skates are ideal for smooth indoor roller skating. The RC Medallion Plus wheels measure 57mm by 30mm, with a hardness rating of 96A.

These wheels give a great balance of grip and slide which is ideal for skaters looking to perform various artistic actions.

The wheels are supported by ABEC-7 bearings which adds extra precision to the skating motion.


  • Good quality construction for an affordable price
  • Distinctive boot design including a stitched sole
  • Vibrant pink color scheme


  • Only one color option

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8. New Candi GRL Carlin Roller Skates


The Candi GRL Carlin Quad Roller Skates are a great choice for skaters looking for a skate option that works well in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Designed to be vibrant while also comfortable, these skates are an excellent choice and are available at a bargain price.

The Candi GRL is designed as a high-top boot to provide super ankle support.

The boot material is synthetic suede leather which does not break in after use but will feel comfortable due to the padded lining in the boot interior.

The Candi GRL is available in three dual color schemes, including green/blue, blue/burgundy, and peach/pink, providing a decent array of color options.

New Candi GRL Carlin Skates


Despite the affordable price, the Candi GRL is very durable with the light plates and trucks made from aluminum, providing a smooth, light roll motion.

The Candi GRL is made with 66mm diameter wheels which are fairly soft, rated at 82A hardness.

This ensures they are versatile to perform in outdoor conditions with bumps and debris, as well as provide grip on a smooth indoor skating surface.

Although very comfortable, if used regularly the synthetic suede material will prove less durable than genuine suede, so you should be careful testing these skates in challenging terrains.


  • Bargain price for skates that work well in indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Quality ankle support with the high-top boot design
  • Boot lining to give extra foot support and protection


  • Less durable than premium skates

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Things To Consider When Choosing Plus Size Roller Skates

Plus Size Roller Skates

Your Foot Type & Size 

The key to any roller skate purchase is selecting the right size. As heavy skaters will be putting more pressure on the boot, it is especially important to get a perfectly fitting roller skate.

When researching roller skates online, you should always consult the manufacturer’s website for a sizing guide. These guides will normally break down male, and female and also narrow and wide foot sizes.

The convention is to go for a roller skate that is one size larger than your standard shoe size.

The goal is to have a skate that fits firmly around your foot without being too loose or too tight.

A skate that is too loose will reduce your stability while a skate that is too tight will likely damage your foot and cause blisters.

Sizing is very individual, so you may find that the skate fits your regular shoe size, or that you may have to go up or down a couple of sizes.


Selecting the correct durometer and diameter of wheels is important for heavy roller skaters, as this will maximize performance and comfort.

The durometer refers to the hardness of a wheel on a roller skate. The standard range of durometer for roller skates is from 78A to 103A.

The lower the rating, the softer the wheel. Wheels that are rated 78A are more suited for outdoor skating on asphalt surfaces, as they provide more grip and are generally slower than harder wheels.

Meanwhile, wheels with a durometer of 103A are designed for artistic skating and indoor skating. They are faster and provide less grip.

Our advice to heavy skaters is to use harder wheels than your skating style would typically recommend.

For outdoor skating, the geometer range is typically 78A to 85A. While the range for indoors is from 86A to 103A.

The issue with softer wheels for heavy skaters is that they are less compressing. When put under pressure, they can deform faster and be less durable.

Any wheels that are deformed will reduce the smoothness and stability of the wheel roll.

In terms of wheel diameter, the best wheel size is more dependent on the skating style as opposed to whether a skater is heavy or not.

Artistic roller skaters will have wheel diameters of 45MM, while outdoor roller skaters will have larger wheels measuring 65MM to 70MM.

Ideally, you should select wheels that have a stiff wheel core, as this can handle more pressure from a heavier person.

Best Roller Skates For Heavy Skater


The plate material on a skate will very much depend on the price you’re willing to pay.

Roller skates that are in the $100 to $120 range will be constructed with a nylon plate. While nylon plates serve the majority of skaters well, they’re typically not recommended for heavy skaters because they are less durable.

The plate is the first skate component that acknowledges the skater’s weight and distributes that weight throughout the skate.

Stiff metal plates are recommended for heavy skaters because they have enhanced support. They are more durable and also limited flex. Reduced flex is advantageous because it enhances the skate speed.

Nylon plates have a tendency to flex too much, which is why you’ll see no professional skater using roller skates with nylon plates. Heavy-built skaters need the extra stability of stiff metal plates.

High-Top vs Low-Top Boots 

The choice of high or low-top boots is very much dependent on your personal preferences.

The high-top boot is generally more popular, especially with artistic roller skaters because they provide a retro appearance.

For heavy skaters who have foot or ankle issues, we recommend using high-top boots because they generally provide better protection for your ankle and warmth during winter conditions. High-top boots typically have less focus on speed, but more on comfort and durability.

Low-top boots can be a great choice for competitive roller skaters. Skates that are designed with low-top boots are typically for sprinters who are looking to reduce skate weight to maximize speed.

Low-cut boots are also increasingly popular among recreational skaters because of the appearance of effectively having a sneaker on a roller skate.

Boot Material

The roller skate boot provides essential protection and comfort for your foot while skating. The material choices for the boot are typically put into two varieties, flexible or rigid.

Rigid skate boots provide skaters with extra stability and ankle protection. They tend to be preferred by skaters who are beginners and prioritize foot protection.

Flexible boots tend to be preferred by advanced skaters who prefer the extra agility and lightweight feel.

Common skate boot materials are suede, leather, vinyl, or synthetic.

For heavy skaters, we recommend using real leather skate boot material with stitched leather outsoles.

The advantage of leather is that it is a very breathable material and also highly comfortable.

Typically, leather is more durable than other boot materials and also easier to maintain. Crucially, leather is more robust than synthetic materials so when used by heavy skaters, it will last longer.

Do Roller Skates Have A Weight Limit?

Roller skates don’t tend to have a weight limit. Most brands will not explicitly reference a maximum weight.

Although some may introduce a weight limit, for example, 220 pounds for adults, this shouldn’t be taken as fact.

Often skates that include a weight limit are low quality which you shouldn’t look to purchase.

Unfortunately, information on weight limits is quite limited, so you may want to speak to a brand expert.

However, if you’re simply using your roller skate for recreational use, the vast majority of quality roller skates that we have mentioned in this article will cope with the demands of added weight from a heavy skater.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has given you insight into the best plus size roller skates that are currently available on the market.

We have presented to you some of the best products available online and also outlined some factors that you should consider throughout the purchasing process.

Our choice for the best roller skates for heavy skaters is the VNLA Parfait Outdoor Roller Skates.

These gates include a very trendy boot and tongue design while also providing a durable, lightweight performance.

The skates are a great option for female heavy skaters who do recreational outdoor skating.

Next time you are looking to buy roller skates for a heavy skater, you should consider factors such as the boot material, wheel durometer, plate material, and also whether you prefer high-top or low-top boots.

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