Best Quad Speed Skates (2023)

Looking for the best quad speed skates can be a daunting task, but it is not impossible if you know what to look for, or if you just take our amazing advice.

Whether you are looking for quad speed skates or inline speed skates, there are a huge amount of skates out there that will fit that bill.

Quad skates are made for skating, disco, dancing, and even fitness.

To compare them to inline skates, you will find that inline skates are made for getting from one place to another as quickly as possible. Inline skates are used more outside, however.

Whether you know exactly where to start, or you are adrift at sea, we have done all of the legwork for you, finding the best of the best when it comes to speed skating.

Check out our recommendations and you will see there is really something for everyone out there. Here is everything that you need to know about buying the best speed skates.

Editor's Choice
VNLA Freestyle Pro Remix

When it comes to the best quad speed skates out there, you really cannot do better than the VNLA Freestyle Pro Remix. These skates have the total package, giving you everything that you could ever want from a speed skate, from being lightweight to getting you up to top speed.

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Women Specific
VNLA Jr. Zona Rosa

Women do not have the same foot structure that men do, so for that reason, we have found the perfect quad speed skates for women are the VNLA Jr. Zona Rosa Jam Skates. These comfortable skates are awesome to look at and so much fun to skate with.


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Rock GT-50 Cosmic Superfly 

The top quad speed skates out there that won’t break the bank are the Rock GT-50 Cosmic Superfly. You will feel completely “superfly” as you move around in these wider-fit skates, especially knowing that you didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for them.

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10 Best Quad Speed Skates (2023) 

We have reviewed the top 10 quad speed skates out on the market, breaking down all of their pros and cons, including their design and performance.

There are different features that you will be looking for to find the perfect skates from you, whether it is the level of comfort, the price point, or even what your experience or ability level is.

There is something for everyone here, so you should be able to find the perfect skate for you.

1. VNLA Freestyle Pro Remix Lite 

Best Speed Skates (Editor’s Choice)

Our choice for the best quad speed skates is the VNLA Freestyle Pro Remix Lite Jam Skate.

These have everything that you that you could ever need from your speed skates, from a great design and quality materials to features that will take you to your top speeds.


Let’s look at the design of these skates to start off with. The skates are made with soft, new, Italian top grain leather.

This means the boots are incredibly soft and will mold easily around your feet, giving you a perfect fit. The leather is also scuff resistant, so they will not be damaged through regular wear and tear.

The skates also have a Velcro overlay lace protector, giving you a snug fit as well as an abrasion resistant toe cap, so they can hold up for a long life.

VNLA Freestyle Pro Remix


Moving onto the performance of these skates, the VNLA Freestyle Pro Remix Lite Jam Skate comes with a Backspin Remix Lite wheels, which are mean to give you good grip, a good roll, and are also incredibly strong.

Also, the wheels are 20% lighter than other wheels out there, so you will not be weighed down.


  • Soft Italian top grain leather
  • Velcro overlay lace protector
  • Lightweight gorilla trucks
  • 20% lighter than any other wheel out there
  • Abrasion resistant toe cap

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2. Rollerblade E2 Pro 125

Best Inline Speed Skates

If you are looking more for an inline skate to get your speed up, you cannot do better than the Rollerblade E2 Pro 125 skates.

These are three-wheel inline skates that are made for distance and performance.


The design of the E2 Pro 125 is pretty awesome looking. They have three large 125mm 85A Hydrogen wheels and a TwinCam setup as well as medium height cuff that are there to support a good range of motion.

Because of the padding that you will get from these skates, no heat molding is needed. They will naturally mold around your feet for a perfect fit.

The liners are high performance as well and they come with buckle standard lacing and a 45-degree lace covering.

They also have extruded aluminum frames that will be supportive and durable at the same time. A brake is not included, but there is a mount if you would like one. 

Rollerblade E2 Pro 125


Let’s move onto the performance of these skates. These are meant for people who have already been on inline skates for a long time.

New skaters will have a hard time balancing and manoeuvring on these, so you don’t want to start your skating career out with these skates.


  • Made for cross-training
  • For advanced and expert skill level
  • Hydrogen wheels
  • TwinCam Bearings
  • Good for fitness and racing


  • Only experienced skaters can handle these

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3. VNLA Jr. Zona Rosa 

Women Specific

While women can certainly wear men’s skates or unisex skates, skates that have been made for women’s feet are infinitely easier to wear and size.


When you see the design of the Zona Rosa skates, you will know why they are our favourites.

With a denim leather boot, you will have a lot of comfort as the material provides easy movement and will eliminate the break-in period.

The skate have Gorilla nylon plates with aluminum trucks. The nylon plates will be flexible, but the aluminum trucks compensate for the plastic.


The speed of these skates is vastly improved by the Vanilla backspin stealth wheels. They are 93A, which means they are a little on the hard side, but you can always swap them for softer wheels if you plan on skating outside.

The wheels are a new Zero Flex jam wheel is pretty great of indoor skates, however, because the urethane makes a fast and smooth ride.


  • VNLA Reaction ABEC-9 bearings
  • Zero Flex jam wheel
  • Denim and leather boot
  • Gorilla aluminum trucks
  • Stitched rubber outsole


  • Plates are made out of a nylon plate

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4. Rock GT-50 Cosmic Superfly 

Budget Friendly

If you are looking for the perfect quad speed skates that you can get but do not want to spend a fortune to get them, we suggest the Rock GT-50 Cosmic Superfly Speed Skates.

These are a huge fan-favourite as they can really get you what you want without breaking the bank.


The design of these skates includes a plush lining with durable uppers. The plush lining makes it really comfortable to skate for a long period of time.

The skates come with a Velcro power strap that goes over the laces.

The fit of the skates is a little on the wide side, which can be really nice if you have wide feet. If you don’t, you can make up for the extra width by wearing some thicker socks.

Rock GT-50 Cosmic Superfly 


Considering these skates do not cost very much, they still have good performance. They come with ABEC- 5 bearings, which make for much easier rolling.

They are best used for indoor skating. This can be helped by the Cosmic Superfly Speed Wheels, which have a hardness rating of 90A. If you want to skate outdoors, you will need to get a softer wheel.


  • Plush lining
  • Velcro power strap
  • Good for wider feet
  • Adjustable toe stop
  • ABEC-5 bearings


  • Might be too wide for the average person

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5. VNLA Freestyle Avanti Deluxe

High Performance

Perhaps you are more of a high-performance kind of speed skater. If this sounds like you, we have the perfect skate for you: the VNLA Freestyle Avanti Deluxe.

These are a nice Italian leather skates made to take a lot of wear and tear.


The best thing about the design of the skates is that they are made with new Italian top grain leather.

This is scuff-resistant and will easily mold around your feet for a comfortable fit that will last throughout the life of your skates.

And, as a bonus, the life of the skates will be extended by this high-quality material.

VNLA Freestyle Avanti Deluxe


As these are high performance skates, they will not disappoint you in the performance category. They come with aluminum hubs that are perfect for larger skaters, as well as skaters who would like to get more life out of their wheels.

Since the weeks are Backspin wheels, getting as much mileage off of them will give you a wonderful experience.

These are a freestyle boot, so not only will they allow you with speed, but they are versatile enough for you to really have some good fun out there.


  • Adjustable toe stop
  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • Avanti Aluminum 10-degree Double Action Plate
  • Freestyle Boot
  • Lightweight

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6. Sure-Grip Rebel Fugitive 

Another great quad speed skate that is out there is the Sure-Grip Rebel Fugitive Indoor Speed Skates.

These are good for their durability and their ability to keep you rolling for a long time to come.


The design of the Sure-Grip Rebel Fugitive includes a 100% leather boot, which means that it will mold well around your foot.

There is also an elastic tongue that will keep the tongue in place the entire time.

Moving onto the inside of the skates, there is really the perfect amount of padding in there to keep your feet comfortable ad help keep them in place so that you will not suffer from blisters.

Sure-Grip Rebel Fugitive


The performance of the Sure-Grip Rebel Fugitive is excellent for speed, which is what you want from quad speed skates.

The skates come with ABEC-7 bearings, which have an excellent speed that will also give you the level of smoothness that you really want from an indoor skate.

These skates are also more unique with their reversed king pin which really gives you a lot of control over the skates. They can even make it easy to stop with their adjustable toe stop.


  • ABEC-7 bearings
  • Reversed king pin
  • 100% leather boot
  • Elastic tongue
  • Excellent padding


  • The frames are not metal

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7. VNLA Freestyle Sunlite Fugitive 

For another great choice for women, we like the VNLA Freestyle Sunlite Fugitive Jam Skates.

These skates come with excellent comfort and support, and they will absolutely not disappoint you when you are out on the rink.


It is a good idea to look at their design first. Aesthetically speaking, these skates are very nice and fun looking.

They also are made with 100% top grain leather, which will provide you with a soft, scuff resistant boot.

The boot is also excellent for support, so you will not need to worry about them giving out on you.

The skates are 40% lighter than most other skates, because of their aluminum plates. But their lightness has not impacted their durability.

You will find that these skates will be able to hold up for a long time to come. The only real downside is that the skates will not work if you narrow feet as they are wide-width.

VNLA Freestyle Sunlite Fugitive


The performance of these skates is vastly improved because of their Sure-Grip Fugitive wheels, which will help you really grip that indoor skating rink.

Adding the Superlite nylon insert into the mix, you have excellent performance that you will feel when cornering.


  • Scuff resistant
  • Made with padded glove leather
  • Breathable shearling lines
  • Sure-Grip Fugitive Wheels
  • Lifetime guarantee against breakage


  • The skates are wider than most, so they will not work for everyone

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8. VNLA Jr. Stealth 

These quad skates live up to their name “stealth” easily with their slick design and incredibly smooth ride, making them a dream come true. 


The design of these awesome skates includes a sleek and stylish appearance, so they not only feel nice, but they look pretty cool out there as well.

They are made up of a denim and leather combo, which is a huge fan favourite.

The downside to the design of these skates is the Vanilla Gorilla nylon plates.

Nylon plates can be handy if you are hoping to have your plates give a little bit out there, but they also can break down faster and do not offer the same level of support that you would get from aluminum plates. 

VNLA Jr. Stealth


The performance of these speed skates is enhanced by their ABEC-9 bearings, which ensure a nice, smooth roll out there.

The wheel is amazing itself. They are the Zero Flex jam wheels, which can give you a whole new skating experience.

It is highly likely that if you wear your wheels out, you are going to come back and replace them with the same ones.


  • ABEC-9 bearings
  • Backspin Stealth Wheels
  • Aluminum Trucks
  • Zero Flex Jam Wheel
  • Sleek and stylish design


  • Nylon plates do not hold up as well as metal plates

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9. Pacer Aero 

These are a nice beginning skate, so you will not need to pay much to try out the sport.


The design of these budget-friendly skates includes a vegan leather boot that has been lined with deluxe memory padding.

This will keep your feet happy and comfortable out on the rink for hours. The boot is lace-up and the Velcro strap will ensure that you get a perfect fit.

The skates are also lightweight, using an aluminum truck. The Velcro strap will give you a perfect fit as it crosses over the lace-up boot.

Pacer Aero


As we mentioned above, the Pacer Aero Indoor Skates are a good option for beginners.

This is because of the design, but also the amount of support that they provide, which is more in line with what a beginner would want.

The skates come with BEVO ABEC-5 bearings, which will give you a smooth ride on an indoor space. They also have Kemsitry wheels at a 95A hardness rating, which is high on the hardness scale.


  • Kesmistry wheels
  • ABEC-5 bearings
  • Good for beginners
  • Nice price
  • Perfect fit


  • They will not grow with your skating abilities

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10. VNLA Jr. SLVR 

These luxurious skates are futuristic in appearance and still give you all of the speed that you are after.


There is no easy way to say this, but these skates just look fun.

They are made in a fun silver leather and red suede boot, giving you a very different look out on the rink than other skaters.

You will definitely stand out. As an added bonus, these will not have the visible scuffing that you will get in other colors.

The skates come with aluminum trucks, which will be able to easily hold up to wear and tear while giving you a good amount of support.

The plates are also lightweight, giving you a lot more speed when you need it the most.



The performance of these skates is really fun and improved by the ABEC-9 bearings. These will ensure that you get to skate effortlessly out there, getting the high speeds that you are really after.

The skates also have the Backspin Remix Lite wheels that will really make you glide, improved by the 92A hardness rating. 


  • Futuristic design
  • Leather is difficult to scuff
  • Lightweight
  • Backspin Remix Lite wheels
  • ABEC-9 bearings

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Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Quad Speed Skates

The Best Quad Speed Skates

Sizing & Foot Type

In general, sizing for quad skates is about the same as what you would have in your shoe size, but there are some differences between brands and even models.

You will want to be diligent when selecting the size. Measure your foot first and then compare it to the size chart. Some skates are better for longer or wider feet than others.

Your foot type or foot width should also come into play. Some skates come wider than others, which can be great if you have wide feet, but not as great when you do not.

Boot Material

Another factor to think about when choosing the a pair of speed skates is the boot material.

There are quite a few options out there, but the choice for you will depend on your budget and what you would like to get out of your skates.

The best material that you can get is high-quality grain leather. Leather will mold around your foot, giving you a high comfort and long-lasting durability.

Manmade materials will not last as long and can overheat your feet but are much more cost effective.  

Durometer / Wheel Hardness

The durometer refers to the hardness of the wheels. It is ranked by a number from 68A to 90A, which the higher numbers referring to harder wheels.

For outdoors, you will want a softer wheel than for outdoor skating, so that it will roll over rougher terrain easier. The wheel size can affect the height and movement on the wheels as well.

 With speed skating, you will want a harder wheel to glide across indoor rinks. If you skates do not come with hard wheels, you can change them out for something more suited to your needs.

Wheel Diameter & Profile

The wheel size and profile are other factors to consider when looking at skates.

This might be the least important factor; however, as wheels are replaceable, so you can swap them for wheels that better suit your needs and they can be changed out as they wear down over time.

Best Quad Speed Skates 2023

The profile of the wheel is the shape of the wheel’s cross section. They come in three broader categories, including flat, round, and bullet.

The flat profile is ideal of aggressive skating, which should be what you are up to in speed skating.

Skate Bearings

Wheels need two bearings in order for them to rotate well on the axle.

The bearing will influence how fast you are really able to move as the bearings are able to move within the wheel. They will also affect how you feel out on your skates.

Bearings can be negatively impacted by environment, such as water or sand, both of which can damage your wheels and bearings.

But, in an indoor speed skate, you should be ok. Instead, your primary focus should be on the ABEC rating of the bearings. The higher the rating, the faster they move.  

Trucks & Plates

Roller skates have a truck and plate on the bottom part of them. Typically, plates will be made out of nylon, which keeps them light, with trucks that are made out of aluminum.

Metal plates would be more durable, but they will make the skates substantially heavier. It would be best to research and see what you are comfortable with as far as the weight goes.

The Difference Between Inline Vs Quad Speed Skates 

Both the terms inline and quad skates are thrown around a lot, but it is important to explain what the difference is between the two.

Let’s start with inline skates. Inline skates are really what the name indicates: wheels that are in a line.

There are still typically four wheels, as there are with quad skates, but they run in a line. Rollerblade is another common name for them, named after the popular brand.

Meanwhile, quad skates have two wheels in front and two wheels behind. They are the traditional roller skate that we are all familiar with that has been used for a long period of time.

If you are trying to work out which would be faster, inline skates are generally faster and are ideal for speed skating.

The speed depends on the quality of the skates, the bearings, and the skater as well.

Quad skates are the right choice for amateur skaters since they are much easier to balance on to begin with, but you can put up a good amount of speed from both types of skates. If you are doing roller derby, you will need quad skates.

Final Words 

Our choice for the best quad speed skates is the VNLA Freestyle Pro Remix.

These skates have the total package, giving you everything that you could ever want from a speed skate, from being lightweight to getting you up to top speed.

Inline skaters will want something a little different which is why the Rollerblade E2 Pro 125 is the best inline speed skates.

These three-wheelskates give you an incredible range of motion and a different level of speed than you can get with other inline skates.

When you are looking for quad speed skates, you will need to choose the right ones for you.

This means they will need to work within your ability, your foot size, your comfort level, and even your budget.

Getting the right skates immediately will make your skating journey much easier. The perfect sped skate is out there waiting for you.

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