Best Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels (2023) – Wheels For Outdoor Roller Skating

If you are looking for an exciting and fun activity to do with your family or friends, roller skating is the perfect option.

The best thing about skating is that you can do it either outside or indoors, and it is a great way to exercise and stay active.

Whether you are a professional skater or a beginner, you need comfortable boots, perfect technique, and the best outdoor roller skate wheels.

Like other sports equipment, roller skates need proper maintenance to effectively work.

However, the wheels can wear down over time and need to be replaced. Changing the wheels will enable your skates to perform better.

Editor's Choice
Moxi Fundae Wheels

Our recommendation for the best outdoor roller skate wheels is the Moxi Fundae Wheels. Every day is a Fundae with these wheels because they are resilient and fast on sidewalk commuting and asphalt. These skate wheels also hold their shape when transitioning floors at skate parks.

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Luminous Quad Hybrid Wheels

Another great option for roller skate wheels to purchase for your outdoor skating is the Luminous Light-Up Quad Hybrid. These wheels brightly light up as they roll making them perfect for skating at night under the stars. They are also reliable, enjoyable, and fast.

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Budget Friendly
Sure-Grip Route Wheels

If you are looking for budget-friendly roller skate wheels for outdoor skating, the Sure-Grip Route is the best choice for you. These wheels provide superior roll and smoothness and are designed for outdoor durability, making them the best outdoor wheels on the market.

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10 Best Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels (2023)

This article will provide you with information about the best wheels for outdoor roller skating and a buying guide to enable you to select the perfect one that suits your needs and preferences.

1. Moxi Fundae Wheels

Best Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels (Editor’s Choice)

Moxi Fundae wheels are 57mm in diameter and 34 mm wide with a hardness of 92A and are available in blue, teal, pink, and purple.

Moxi Fundae Wheels

The shape of this wheel is carved in a way that it avoids getting caught up on the coping and is narrow enough to roll safely out of the bails.

These wheels are made with a smooth blend of urethane that enables you to roll from park to street.

If you are new to the ramps, experienced in the streets, and want more speed or prefer skating on slick park surfaces, the Moxi Fundae wheels are a good option for you.

Both sweet and salty, Moxi’s Fundae hybrid skate park and street wheels are a unique combination of what most skaters do each day: Never stop.

Moxi does not want you to stop and change the wheels for skating on a different surface, that is why these outdoor wheels are planned for all day long and non-stop excursions.

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2. Luminous Light-Up Quad Hybrid Wheels


Luminous Light-up Quad Hybrid wheels are used both for the outdoors and indoors.

The white LED lights are powered by the magnetic floating spacer and are embedded around the tire. All you need to do is roll and the spacers will light up your wheels as you skate.

Luminous Quad Hybrid Wheels

These wheels are hybrid, meaning they are great for the outdoors because they are soft enough.

The lights that these wheels produce are beneficial especially at night because they add a bit of safety by glowing in the dark.

For fun skates at casual events or the rink, you can mix and match the colors if you do not mind being the center of attention

The wheels come in different sizes to match your preference and they have an 82A durometer urethane for the perfect balance of grip and speed whether you are skating on the rink, street, or sidewalk. They are 62mm in diameter and 43mm wide.

These wheels help increase the speed and reduce friction on any kind of surface.

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3. Sure-Grip Route Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels

Budget Friendly

Affordable outdoor wheels to check out are the Sure-Grip Route. Their wheels are made with super high rebound urethane that is high in quality to ensure that they last you longer.


They have double rounded edges to provide excellent roll and smoothness.

The hardness rating of the Sure-Grip Route is 78A making it perfect to skate in the outdoors.

They are 70mm in diameter and 38mm wide and come in packs of 8 or 4. Remember that you need to buy 8 wheels for a pair of roller skates.

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4. Sure-Grip Stardust Glitter Outdoor Wheels

If you want to add some glitter to your roll, the Sure-Grip Stardust Glitter wheels are the perfect choice for you.

Sure-Grip Stardust Glitter Wheels

They are available as a full set of wheels and have glitter flakes put into the urethane compound that is translucent.

Urethane is a super high rebound material that makes skating in the outdoors easy because the soft tire rolls right over the small debris, cracks, and other imperfections.

The hub is made of nylon and supports each tire by holding the bearings to make the wheels spin.

They come as a set of 8 wheels and each wheel is 62mm in diameter with a 78A hardness.

They are available in pink, blue, and yellow. The Stardust wheel has plenty of bounce and will roll smoothly over concrete, gravel, and rough terrain in style.

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5. Sure-Grip Aerobic Outdoor Wheels

The Sure-Grip Aerobic outdoor wheels are absorbent and are designed to be used in the outdoors especially for recreational skating. They can also be used indoors and are perfect for all skating abilities.

Sure-Grip Aerobic Outdoor Wheels

These wheels are hard but still soft enough for outdoor adventures with the 85A hardness but may not handle the toughest asphalt roads.

These wheels have a hollow core which is moderately stronger than the aluminum ones, and this keeps the wheel round and strong.

This means that the wheels are rigid enough to provide a decent level of support for skaters with normal weight.

The wheels are 62mm in diameter and 38mm wide. This width provides enough stability without sacrificing speed.

So, if you are a skater that likes doing dance moves, you will get fully supported with these wheels.

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6. Radar Energy Outdoor Wheel Combo Kit

If you want to skate outside with your indoor skates, you can do so with the Radar Energy Outdoor Wheel Combo Kit, which contains everything that you need to change the indoor skates into indoor skates.

Radar Energy Outdoor Wheels

This Wheel Combo Kit includes 8 pack Radar Energy wheels, 1 Bones Speed Cream, 16 ABEC-7 bearings, 1 5-in-1 Skate tool, 1 universal Skate Wrench, and 8 Wheel Locknuts that are 8mm.

The Radar Energy wheels have 78A hardness and are 57mm in diameter and 31 mm wide. These wheels are perfect for jam/dance or derby moves or anything that you want to be a bit more agile.

They are available in clear blue, aqua, orange, navy, purple, pink, yellow, and red, and the wheels come in packs of 4.

They also come in 62mm by 32mm which are a great all-rounder and 65mm by 35mm which are great for cruising long distance with infrequent stops.

If the wheels of your skate require replacement with smaller wheels, Radar Energy wheels are a better option.

The Radar Energy wheels are made of urethane which is the finest material for great performance in outdoor skating.

The soft material rolls smoothly over bits of debris and rough spots on trails. Since these wheels have plenty of rebounds, they roll exceptionally fast and are responsive.

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7. Sure-Grip Boardwalk Outdoor Wheel Combo Kit

This is another combo kit that you can use to convert your indoor skates to outdoor skates by changing the wheels.

The Sure-Grip Boardwalk wheels are available in pink, black, red, and purple, so you can personalize your roller skate as much as you want. They are made in the U.S.A and come in a pack of 8 wheels.

These soft outdoor wheels are 65mm in diameter and have a 78A hardness to provide you with a smooth ride in your skating adventures.

They hold up well for a long time because they are made from polyurethane which can endure rocky and rough terrain as well as crack-filled sidewalks or asphalt to enable you to perform power stops and jumps.

You can use these wheels for roller derby practice because they are sticky enough to handle hills.

If you plan to skate on parking lots, streets, and sidewalks, the Sure-Grip Boardwalk wheels are an excellent upgrade.

The width of these wheels is 36mm, meaning it is not too narrow or too wide, so you get enough stability and grip.

Overall, they are good outdoor wheels and great for long-distance and recreational skating.

However, the bearings can be slightly hard to get in because these wheels have a snug fit. The height of 65 mm is also tall and may not be a great option for beginner roller skaters.

8. Sure-Grip Motion Outdoor Roller Wheels

Are you looking to get some exercise and fun but there is no skating rink in your local area?

Get yourself the Sure-Grip Motion Outdoor wheels as they are specifically designed to smoothly roll over concrete, asphalt, and anything rough that the outdoors will throw your way.

Sure-Grip Motion Outdoor Roller Wheels

These wheels are durable and will last you longer as they are made using Hi-rebound material with a 78A hardness, which is suitable for a slick ride on any outdoor surface.

They have rounded edges and are slim making them great for easy spins and turnings. They come with a 1-year warranty.

They are 62mm in diameter and 38mm wide. They are available in different colors including clear blue, clear purple, clear pink, clear red, and black. Also, they are made in the USA and come in a pack of 8 wheels.

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9. Volcanic Dazzle Hybrid Light-Up Quad Wheels 

Adding Volcanic Dazzle Hybrid wheels to your roller skates will make you stand out because they come with 8 LED lights and 360-degree visibility on every wheel.

Volcanic Dazzle Hybrid Quad Wheels

These wheels have been designed using the latest Super Bright LED technology to ensure that as they spin, these crystal-clear wheels shine beautiful and bright with a 4-color output.

At 85A hardness and 62mm in diameter, you can be sure that you will turn heads at the skate park or the rink.

These wheels can be used both in the outdoors and indoors, so you do not have to worry about having multiple roller skates.

They come in 4 packs, meaning that you will have to buy two packs to replace all the wheels in a pair of roller skates. They come are pre-installed with ABEC-9 bearings.

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10. Sure-Grip Aerobic Outdoor Wheel Combo Kit

This is yet another combo kit that allows you to take your indoor skates to the outdoors. It comes with 8 Sure-Grip Aerobic wheels, 1 Universal Skate Wrench, 1 Bones Speed Cream, 16 ABEC-7 bearings, 8-wheel locknuts (8mm), and 1 5-in-1 skate tool.

Sure-Grip Aerobic Outdoor Wheels Combo

The Sure-Grip Aerobic outdoor wheels are designed to be used for recreational skating in the outdoors because they are absorbent.

They are perfect for all skating styles and can also be used indoors. These wheels are still soft enough for outdoor adventures even though they can be hard.

This is because of the 85A hardness but be aware that they may not roll well on asphalt.

The hollow core of these wheels makes them moderately stronger than the aluminum core in other wheels, and this keeps them round and strong.

This means that the wheels provide a decent level of support for skaters with normal weight because they are rigid enough.

The wheels are 62mm in diameter and 38mm wide. This width provides enough stability while maintaining great speed.

So, if you are a skater that likes doing dance moves, you will be fully supported with these wheels.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Wheels For Outdoor Roller Skating

Best Wheels For Outdoor Roller Skating


The diameter of a roller skate wheel determines how tall the wheel stands to the overall weight of the skate.

It is important to note that the diameter of a roller skate wheel has a great impact on its stability, roll time, weight, and acceleration.

In terms of speed, a wheel with a larger diameter helps in rolling, while wheels with smaller diameters help the skaters to gain top speed.

Long-distance skaters select taller wheels because wheels with bigger diameters require less effort to keep the skates moving fast when rolling.

Wheels with smaller diameters are steadier than the large ones because the lesser the distance between you and the ground the higher the stability.

Wheels with small diameters also take you less effort to move because of faster acceleration. Additionally,  shorter wheels make skates lighter compared taller wheels.

Small diameter wheels have faster acceleration than bigger wheels but larger wheels, in the end, spin faster as they gain acceleration


Durometer is the wheel’s hardness. It is how soft or hard the roller skate wheel is. However, this does not affect the ride quality.

The durometer of a roller skate wheel determines how fast the wheel will go and how smooth the ride is.

The durometer is determined by what you will be doing and the quality of the surface. Softer wheels are gripper with soft rides, while harder wheels are faster.

If you skate on a rough surface, find the wheels with a low durometer because they are great for rolling over bumpy or small rocky surfaces.

If the surfaces are slippery, get softer wheels because they are naturally grippy, and of durometer of 78A to 89A are perfect.

However, 78A is a standard durometer for outdoor roller skaters. They are perfect for skating on the sidewalks or suburban bike trails.

If you are a beginner outdoor skater, go for the soft wheels because they are grippier and help you stick to the ground protecting your safety, control, and stability.

Artistic outdoor roller skaters require wheels with a durometer of around 95A-99A. However, do not forget that the quality of the surface is the guiding factor for the durometer.


The weight of a skater is a critical factor when choosing the outdoor roller skate.

The following are simple rules that will help you the right roller skates that go well with your weight:

  1. For a normal weight skater, choose the type of wheels whose durometer is recommended for the type of surface you want to skate.
  2. For a heavy-weight skater, choose the roller skate wheels that have a durometer 2-3 units higher than the recommended for the surface you want to skate.
  3. For a lightweight skater, choose roller skate wheels with 2-3 units below the recommended durometer for the space you want to skate in.


The wheel’s lip is the shape of its edges. The shape and design of the lip determine how much contact patch a wheel can have. There are two main types of lip profile:

Rounded edges or lips – Round-lipped roller skates have more round edges and are the best for roller skating outside. Round-shaped wheels slide more and cruise better. The round-lipped wheels provide reduced traction. They are the best for outdoor skating because they work perfectly when the skates knock on rocks or small pebbles, twigs, or other obstacles on the way.

Square lips or edges – Square-edged wheels are perfectly straight when you view them from the sides. They are the more stable and grippiest roller skates you can find because they have a wider contact patch. However, few wheels have perfectly square edges because most wheels exist in between rounded and square-lipped. The squarer the quad skate, the grippier it gets.


Color cannot affect how the wheels roll or perform. However, most skaters care about looks too; I mean, who doesn’t love cool colors? Color could be important to artistic and dance roller skaters.

Therefore, as a skater, choose a color that goes well with you. However, do not choose your skates based on color alone.

The Difference Between Indoor Vs Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels

Indoor vs Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels

Indoor Skate Wheels

If you love indoor roller rinks, then you may need heels that are a little harder, have fewer grips, are faster, and are designed to roll easily over surfaces.

The hard wheels are good for artistic or advanced skaters because they work well in indoor areas. They are tight and allow the skater to spin more freely.

Outdoor Skate Wheels

Roller skate wheels meant for the outdoors are taller and softer. Most quad skates do not come with suitable outdoor skate wheels therefore, you may need to change them.

Mostly, roller skates come with harder and wider wheels for indoor use. Therefore, if you need to skate outside you will need wheels that can tolerate a wider range of terrains.

How Long Do Outdoor Roller Skate Wheels Last?

The lifespan of outdoor wheels is normally short compared to indoor wheels because of the following.

  • Outdoor surfaces are rough and pointy, thus wearing out the wheels quickly
  • The outdoors wheels are soft, so not as durable as the indoor wheels.

Therefore, outdoor wheels can last for a maximum of 1 to 1.5 years on average, depending on the use. However, if you are too rough for them, they might not even last for six months.

The lifespan of outdoor skate wheels is uncertain due to different surfaces, different situations, and different quality of the wheel.

Your outdoor roller skate wheels can last longer if you choose smooth roads and bike trails to skate.

You can also opt for a smoother skate park while ensuring you lubricate and clean your wheels regularly.

How Do I Change Wheels On My Roller Skates?

The following is a guide with seven easy steps to change your roller skate wheels.

Find a suitable tool for skate and bearings in your wheel and ensure the size of your axel can correctly fit.

Several reasons can make you change your wheels; you may need different hardness of the wheels in different places, or you may just need to change the skate style.

If you are new to skating, it can be hard to take your skates apart. Therefore, this guide will make the changing of the wheels easy and less intimidating.

  1. Fit the skate tool on the nut that is in the axel of your skate and unscrew the nut.
  2. Remove the nut from the wheel and remove your old wheel. Ensure to keep the nut safe for later use.
  3. Take the old wheel off the axel. At this time, you may want to remove any grease, hair, and dirt from the axel and truck.
  4. Fit your new wheel onto the axel. According to the size of the wheel, there might be less or more room than the previous wheel because some wheels are wider than others.
  5. Now, gently screw the nut with your fingers for the threading to be aligned. Depending on the fit of the wheels, you may wish to change the nuts.
  6. Tighten the nut using the skate tool and turn to the right to ensure the nut is tight, turn it again slightly back to the left to give room for your wheel to spin. Ensure the wheel is loose enough to spin and tight enough that it won’t fall off.
  7. Using your hand, spin the wheel to ensure you can roll well. Ensure to regularly check your nuts to make sure they have not become loose. If you have any problem changing your wheels, troubleshoot first.

Final Words

When selecting wheels for outdoor roller skates, there are crucial factors that you need to keep in mind.

These include the wheel’s durometer, diameter, hub materials, and profile, that is, the width and lip shape.

You also need to think about the quality and nature of the surface that you are going to skate in because different surfaces require different wheels.

Our choice for the best outdoor roller skate wheels is the Moxi Fundae Wheels. This is because they roll smoothly and fast, and they hold their shape when changing surfaces.

Consider your weight and skating style when shopping for outdoor roller skate wheels as they will affect your performance and speed. Finally, think about the money you are willing to spend on the wheels.

Hopefully, you now have enough information to help you decide on which roller skate wheel is suitable for you.

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