Best Inline Skates For Overweight (2023) – Rollerblades For Heavy Riders

If you are overweight or simply heavy and are looking to take up inline skates, you will definitely need to look into the best inline skates for overweight skaters.

You will want a skate that will hold up well and provide you all of the support that you need to be successful on the skates.

Whether for weight loss or recreation, inline skating is a fun choice for everyone.

You can burn around 330 calories from an hour of moderate skating. This can increase to as much as 590 calories if you treat it like an aerobic workout.

But, finding the right skates might be daunting and being concerned whether they will be able to support you is a normal worry.

Don’t worry, we have broken down the top 10 inline skates for heavier skaters, as well as what you should be looking at when you are shopping for the right skate for you.

Editor's Choice - Men
Rollerblade Macroblade 80

The best inline skates for overweight men are the Rollerblade Macroblade 80. These are performance skates that will hold-up well to fitness training and will really help you work with your speed and control.

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Editor's Choice - Women
Rollerblade RB Cruiser

If you are looking for the best inline skates for overweight women, our choice is the Rollerblade RB Cruiser. These skates are very comfortably made to make it much easier to skate, regardless of your size or weight.

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High Performance
Powerslide Phuzion RFC 90

For the best rollerblades for heavy riders that are high performance, we suggest the PowerslidePhuzion RFC 90. One big perk is that they will work for all skill levels, so you will be able to use them until you wear them out, regardless of your skill level.

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Rollerblade Zetrablade

Our choice for the best rollerblades for heavy riders that will not make a dent in your wallet are the Rollerblade Zetrablade. These are great for casual riding for beginning to intermediate skaters.

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10 Best Inline Skates For Overweight (2023) 

Since finding the right skates can be tricking for heavier skaters, we have broken down the top 10 inline skates for heavier skaters.

We have taken into all factors, from gender to performance to price point. We have ensured that there is something here for everybody.

You can use this guide to find the perfect skates for your skill level and feel confident that they will be comfortable enough for you to have a great time out on the road.

1. Rollerblade Macroblade 80

Best Inline Skates For Overweight (Editor’s Choice)

Our choice for the best inline skates for heavy skaters is the Rollerblade Macroblade 80.

These are a recreational skate with a built-in performance feature that will allow it to hold up longer than other skates.


Starting with their design, the Rollerblade Macroblade 80 skates are made with low-balance aluminum frames.

It is important to note that these are not removable or adjustable. The wheels can be upgraded up to an 84mm wheel size, but they come with 80mm out of the box.

The boots are made out of plastic and are not heat moldable, so you will need to break them in by wearing them.

While the liners are not removable, the skates are very comfortable as well as lightweight, so you should not wind up with blisters.

Rollerblade Macroblade 80


The performance level of these skates is best ranked as beginner to intermediate. Advanced skaters might want a high-performance skate instead, but they are still versatile.

The type of skating that these work for is recreational and cross-training, making them a good choice for fitness.

They have a nice combination of speed and control, which is better helped by their lightness, ensuring you are not weighed down by the skates.


  • Low-balance aluminum frames
  • Wheel size can be upgraded
  • Great for fitness
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Not heat moldable

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2. Rollerblade RB Cruiser

Editor’s Choice – Women

If you are looking for the best inline skates for overweight women, our choice is the Rollerblade RB Cruiser.

These comfortable skates are made to make it much easier to skate, regardless of your size.


Let’s look at the skate’s design. The Rollerblade RB Cruiser has a wide shell that makes them easy to get on and off, but the boot itself is still sturdy and hard.

The skates come with removable performance lines that have shock-absorbing padding.

There are also extruded aluminum frames that are removable and adjustable, so you can tune them to fit your needs or swap them out for different frames.

Rollerblade RB Cruiser


Moving onto the skate’s performance, the Rollerblade RB Cruiser is made for urban skating, or cruising.

They work best on paved streets and have the manoeuvrability to move easily around obstacles that you might come across.

These skates are good for beginner and intermediate levels but may not have enough support for and advanced skater who needs to have more support to make them manoeuvre as they see fit.

They will grow with you if you are a beginner as they will still work as you progress to intermediate.


  • Removable performance liner
  • Removable frames
  • Responsive wheel bearings
  • Comfortable padding
  • Durable


  • Not heat moldable

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3. Powerslide Phuzion RFC 90

High Performance

For the best rollerblades for heavy riders that are high performance, we suggest the PowerslidePhuzion RFC 90.

These are also the first eco-friendly skates from Powerslide. The “RFC” stands for “Roll for Change,” so not only are they high performance, but they are also good for the environment.


As we mentioned above, these skates have been constructed to be environmentally friendly. This comes into play in several ways.

To begin with, the skates’ frames are made up of 40% recycled aluminum.

The boot itself includes eco glass-fiber reinforced plastic. They are also made up of 15% wheat and 30% recycled materials.

Additionally, the fixed liners are a mix of recycled foam padding and bamboo.

The uppers are a combination of hemp, cotton, and canvas. The toe cap isn’t even made with glue in an attempt to further reduce waste.

Powerslide Phuzion RFC 90


Now that we have talked about the performance for these eco-friendly skates, let’s look at their performance.

They are ideal for recreational or cross-training. One big perk is that they will work for all skill levels, meaning if you buy them as a beginner, you will be able to use them until you wear them out, regardless of your skill level.


  • Frames are made with 40% raw recycled aluminum
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Cotton laces
  • Good for cross-training
  • Bamboo liner

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4. Rollerblade Zetrablade

Budget Friendly

If you are looking for the best rollerblades for heavy riders that will not break the bank, check out the Rollerblade ZetrabladeMens Inline Skates.

These are great for casual riding and their price point is excellent.


The design of the Zetrablades includes easy-to use closures, which makes them so much easier to get on and off.

They are made to be comfortable with their soft uppers and their contoured liners that supply a comfortable fit.

The skates do have plastic frames rather than the aluminum frames. This does mean that they will not hold up to the wear and tear, but there are still advantages to the plastic frames.

The skates are lightweight, so they will allow for cruising easily.

Rollerblade Zetrablade


The Zetrablade Inline skates are nice for casual skating or even light fitness training.

They are ideal for beginners, so unfortunately, they will not grow with you as your skills improve. They are not made for intense or competitive skating.

The plastic frames also make it easy to skate on rough surfaces by reducing the vibration that you will feel, giving you a much smoother ride than you might have expected.

They come with 80mm 82A wheels, making them best for outside.


  • Supportive high cuff
  • Quality construction
  • Easy-to-use closure
  • Contouring liner
  • Composite plastic frames


  • They really only work for beginning skaters

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5. Rollerblade RB110 3WD

3 Wheel Inline Skates

The 3 wheel rollerblades are different than the standard 4 wheel skates as their wheels are larger and the way that you move on them is different.

The best 3 wheel inline skate for heavy riders is the Rollerblade RB110 3WD.


The design for the RB110 3WD skates includes extruded aluminum frames on a 165mm mounting.

The frames are 10 inches from axle to axle. The frames can also be removed and swapped out for a different kind if you would like to

The RB110 also as a medium to high cuff, making them comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The liner itself is removable as well and the training footbed makes them even easier to wear for long periods of time.

Rollerblade RB110 3WD


Moving on to the performance of these skates, they are made for an intermediate and higher skill level, meaning that they are not suited for beginning skaters.

The way that the 3 wheels skates move is different than the 4 wheel skates do, so it would be hard to start with these.

The skates do not come with a brake, but there is a spot to mount one if you would like to.


  • Vented molded plastic
  • Medium to high cuff
  • Removable liner
  • Shock absorbing
  • Training footbed


  • Not for inexperienced skaters

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6. Rollerblade RB Cruiser

For Wide Feet

The best rollerblades for heavy riders with wide feet for men are the Rollerblade RB Cruiser.

These are not the same skates that we reviewed for women, as they are the same model, but are intended for men.


The shell of the boots is wider than most other types of skates, so they are not just great for wide feet, but they are also easier to get on and off.

They come with a removable performance liner as well as shock absorbing padding to give you a comfortable ride.

One disadvantage to these skates’ design is that even though they are good for wide feet, the sizing in them runs small in general, so you will have to size up.

It is best to use their size guide and measure your feet accordingly. Then, go one size up from that. Do not guess on your size with these skates.

Rollerblade RB Cruiser


As far as performance goes, the Rollerblade RB Cruisers are good for recreational and urban skating, meaning they will do well on streets and sidewalks.

They are intended for beginner and intermediate skaters as well, so more advanced skaters might not find these to be enough.


  • Great for recreational skating
  • Removable performance liner
  • Wider shell
  • Shock absorbing padding
  • Budget friendly


  • Sizing runs small

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7. Powerslide Phuzion Enzo 80

Another great skate for heavier skaters is the PowerslidePhuzion Radon Enzo 80 Men’s Skates.

These skates focus on both comfort and stability, making them an easy ride. They can help you with speed and agility.


These skates have a lot of good design features. They come with the HABS height adjustable brake system.

They are easy to adjust up and down, which is a great way to prolong the life of the rubber.

Looking at the axle, the rear axle has been threaded on both ends which will help prolong the lifespan of the rubber.

The skates also come with Trinity X mounting which allows for adjustment front to back as well as side to side. The integrated liners are comfortable and breathable, but are not removable.

Powerslide Phuzion Enzo 80


As for the performance for the PowerslidePhuzion Enzo 80, these skates are good for beginning and intermediate skaters.

They are best for recreational use. The support that comes with these skates will make it much easier to move around.

The skates do take a little bit to break in, but after a little bit of time, they should treat their riders very well.


  • Removable and adjustable frames
  • Adjustable brake system
  • Trinity X mounting
  • Lightweight
  • Good responsiveness


  • The liner is fixed and not removable

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8. Rollerblade RB Pro X

The Rollerblade RB Pro X Inline Skates are another great choice for heavier skaters. They are anatomical and are built to give you a smooth and fun ride.


The design of these skates includes anatomical and sublimated liners. These are incredibly comfortable.

Also adding to the comfort is the molded-boot design that ensures your feet will be happy in all environments.

These skates also have a training footbed that is ideal to give you even better support for urban skating.

Finally, their design also has extruded aluminum frames, which are both strong and durable.

The skates do run small, so you will need to size up, but even before you do that, make sure you measure your foot and follow their size chart. Then, go up one size.

Rollerblade RB Pro X


The performance for the Rollerblade RB Pro X is pretty great. These skates are good for urban freestyle skating.

The skill level that these work for is intermediate and better, so they are not good for beginning skaters.

The training footbed also makes the performance better with these skates, giving you a lot of comfort and support to transfer to power.


  • High performance removable liner
  • Works for both male and female skaters
  • TwinCam bearings
  • Extruded aluminum frames
  • Training footbed


  • These skates run very small in size

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9. Rollerblade RB Pro X

The Rollerblade RB Pro X skates are another good choice for heavier female skaters.

They are nice aesthetically, and they also have features that will ensure your comfort all throughout your ride.


The Rollerblade RB Pro X are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. They have a sleek appearance with fun pops of color that set them apart from other inline skates.

The boots of these skates are a molded plastic that are meant to be durable, anatomically designed, and vented.

The skates come with sublimated liners as well as training footbeds that have shock absorption beneath the heel.

The frames are strong, made up of extrude aluminum, so they will not bend or warp under pressure.

Rollerblade RB Pro X


Moving onto their performance, the Rollerblade RB Pro X skates are good for both beginner and intermediate skaters.

They are meant for recreational skating or urban skating, which means that they will work well on paved roads and sidewalks.

The skates also have shock absorption, so the ride should be smooth all throughout it.

The break in process is a little bit longer with these skates, but after the molded plastic boot has been worked around the foot, they are excellent for cruising.


  • Shock absorbing liner
  • Extruded aluminum frames
  • Twincam ILQ-7 Plus Bearings
  • Trainer footbed
  • Brake included


  • The breaking in period is a little bit long

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10. K2 FIT 84 BOA

The final skates that we recommend for heavier skaters are the K2 FIT 84 BOA.

These are a Men’s Inline Skate that are made to be easy on the joints and are something that you will not outgrow as your skills improve over time.


These skates come with the BOA turn-dial speed lacing, which is pretty great to get them on and off very quickly.

They just need a quick twist of the dial to get them tightened. They also are comfortable and are made for good ventilation.

The skates do come with the 84mm 80A wheels, which are a little bit soft. This works to smooth out rough surfaces, but they will wear down quickly and need to be replaced.

If you are not going to be going on rough surfaces, you might want to swap them for something a little bit harder to begin with.



The K2 FIT 84 are great for all levels of skaters, so they will work right off the bat if it is your first time out.

They also are known for their good energy transfer, which means that you will be able to speed up easily without too much work.


  • Good for all skill levels
  • TwinCam ILQ5 Bearings
  • Attached brake
  • Comfort and ventilation
  • Integrated liners


  • They come with soft wheels that will need to be changed out or they will wear out quickly

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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Rollerblades For Heavy Riders

Best Inline Skates For Overweights

Sizing & Fit

One of the most important factors to consider when it comes to finding the right skates for a heavier skater is to ensure that the sizing and the fit are perfect.

Some skates do run the same as your street shoe sizing, but it is wise to measure your foot and compare it to the skate brand’s size chart.

When fitting your skates, stand up in the skates and bend your knees and flex side to side. If there is no give, you will know they are firmer skates and will likely take a while to really break in.

Skate Type

The second factor to consider when looking for the right inline skate is the type of skate that will be best for you.

There are several types, including fitness skates, freestyle skates, speed skates, recreational skates and even more.

Beginning skaters will want to have recreational skates if you are intending to skate outside. They are more versatile for beginners, and you can skate freely out on paved roads and sidewalks.

More advanced skaters might be happier with speed skates or off-terrain skates, so consider what you want from your skates before buying.

Softshell Vs Hardshell

Another choice that you will have to make when you are looking for the best inline skates for heavier skaters is whether to go with a softshell or a hardshell boot. This refers to the pliability of the boot itself.

Hardshells have a lot more stability and support than softshells do. They can be easier for beginners who need to work on their balance before moving forward.

The ankle support turns into a lack of flexibility, however, which will make it hard to go for long distances. Hardshells are also better for city skating, because the support helps with energy transfer. 

Wheel Size & Durometer

The wheel size and durometers are other factors to consider when looking at skates.

This might be the least important factor, however, as wheels are replaceable, so you can swap them for wheels that better suit your needs.

The durometer refers to the hardness of the wheels. It is ranked by a number from 68A to 90A, which the higher numbers referring to harder wheels.

For outdoors, you will want a softer wheel than for outdoor skating, so that it will roll over rougher terrain easier. The wheel size can affect the height and movement on the wheels as well.

3 Wheel Vs 4 Wheel Skates

There are two wheel choices to consider with inline skates as well. While 4 wheel skates are far more common, there are also the 3 wheel skate options out there.

Best Inline Skates For Overweight

There are pros to both, but you will need to think about what you need before choosing.

3 wheel skates are taller by nature and are therefore a little harder to learn on than 4 wheels. Because of the added height, you will have more movement options and can pull out more tricks with them as well. 


The majority of skates come with a brake that has been pre-mounted on the back of the skate. The brakes are usually removable and replaceable, since they will wear out at some point.

You might need to purchase brakes that are made by the same brand, however, since the brakes are not going to be universally sized or even made to fit on different mounts.

Some skaters prefer to not use them at all, to get rid of a hindrance in the movement of some tricks.

You can choose to have a brake on one skate or both as well, depending on your skill and needs.

Do Inline Skates Have A Weight Limit? 

A normal concern is whether inline skates have a weight limit. Some skates do have a weight limit.

On average, inline skates can easily handle up to 220 pounds, but that is simply averages.

If a skate does not have a limited weight limit to follow, there are some clues that you can look for to help you determine whether a skate will hold up to heavier weights.

The first thing is that you do not want any plastic frames. These cannot handle extra weight and will bend until the pressure.

Quality is always going to help you as well. Less expensive skates are likely not going to hold up as well as more expensive skates will.

Final Words 

While there are a lot of options for who would win in the best inline skates for overweight skaters, we have two clear winners.

The first is the Rollerblade Macroblade 80 for Men, which is made for speed and control. The other winner is the Rollerblade RB Cruiser for Women. This skate is known for its comfort and durability.

Weight limit and control is really only one part of the puzzle when looking into the best skate for you.

Consider your skill level and your goals as well, making sure that you have a skate that will really let you have fun out on the streets.

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