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Finding the best aggressive inline skates can be a challenge for skaters who are new to the sport or simply want to know the best skates required to improve performance.

Modern advances in technology have led to an increase in available products to choose from.

We’re here to help you find the perfect aggressive rollerblades to suit your skating needs.

Well-known brands such as Rollerblade, USD, and Razors offer a good range of design specifications and performance quality for you to consider.

Aggressive inline skates are distinguishable from regular inline or recreational skates by having a gap in between the second and third wheels, commonly known as the H block.

This gap is designed to support skaters doing perpendicular grinds.

The hard plastic outsole known as the soul plate is also a key feature of aggressive inline skates which enables parallel grinds.

In this article we review the top 10 aggressive inline skates available to purchase, covering the design, performance, pros, and cons.

Editor's Choice
Rollerblade Blank SK Sean Keane Pro

The Rollerblade Blank SK Sean Keane Pro is our Editor’s Choice for the best aggressive inline skates because it is thoughtfully made with a boot that contains high-performing features that are liked by many skaters. The cuff wrap and anatomical design of the soleplates and blank shells make it easy to open and close.

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Rollerblade Blank Team

Our second choice is the Rollerblade Blank Team. This aggressive inline skate has a blank shell that offers great support at the ankle and foot to perform technical grinds and handle high impacts when skating either in the park or street.

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Budget Friendly
USD Sway Team 57

Our budget-friendly recommendation is the USD Sway Team 57 skate. Offering high-quality performance for an affordable price, the USD skates provide great value. The skates have an improved molded shell and cuff design, making the skates more comfortable and durable than previous versions.

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For Wide Feet
Razors Genesys Black

Our recommendation for the best skates for wide feet is the Razors Genesys Black skates. These skates have a wider set design which is ideal for wide feet skaters. The design also includes thick liners for added protection and comfort.

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10 Best Aggressive Inline Skates (2023)

Having the best rollerblade for tricks can make a huge difference in what you can do and what you cannot do.

Aggressive inline skating depends on the type of skate you wear because you need a specific skate to do the tricks and regular skates do not do the job.

There are a lot of aggressive skates on the market and if you are a beginner, it can be difficult to make a decision.

1. Rollerblade Blank Sean Keane SK Pro 

Best Aggressive Inline Skates (Editor’s Choice)


The Rollerblade Blank Sean Keane SK Pro Aggressive skates are the product of years of testing by the Blank team.

The design of the skates is thoughtful and streamlined to maximize performance.

The SK Pro skate achieves optimal control by having open cavity soleplates mounted on the shell.

The skates fit perfectly to your feet due to an anatomical design that includes soleplates, blank shells, and a cuff wrap that is straightforward to open and close.

The SK Pro skates work well on smooth flat surfaces and bumpy road surfaces, as the Blank UFS mounted frames contain a low h-block.

Rollerblade Blank SK Sean Keane Pro


The SK Pro is designed to maximize speed and agility in your performance. The skates include hydrogen blank wheels which are 92A and come with 2 x 60mm and 2 x 42mm.

These wheels offer a good balance of the forgiveness of soft wheels, while also maintaining the speed of harder wheels.

The skates are suited well for aggressive skaters who seek to gain an advantage by maximizing speed.

The SK Pro skates don’t include a brake, while the glass-fiber reinforced plastic construction is also lightweight to maximize speed.


  • High-quality design
  • Suitable for aggressive skaters
  • Versatile wheels perform well on different surfaces


  • Single-color design
  • Boot is unassembled when purchased

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2. Rollerblade Blank Team Pigeon Skates



The Rollerblade Blank Team Pigeon skates are another new addition to the Blank rollerblade line-up for 2023.

The skates are designed to give supreme levels of comfort and ankle protection for aggressive skaters.

The skates are ideal for skaters who need good quality equipment to handle the grinds and high impacts of street or park skating.

The Team Pigeon skates include removable liners which provide strategic padding for ultimate foot protection.

The liners also allow for stretchable toes while the product comes with a footboard sizer to help you adjust the skate size.

The Team Pigeon skates are designed with rubber outsoles which include a silicon strip, designed to ensure the skate is sturdy.

Rollerblade Blank Team


One of the best performance features of the Team Pigeon skates is balance and control.

As these skates are designed for aggressive skaters, the soleplates which are directly mounted to the shell, ensure the skates are supremely well-balanced.

Likewise, the wrap of the skate is important for aggressive skaters to feel confident in trying various tricks and stunts.

The Team Pigeon skate is designed with integrated lacing, a 45-degree strap, and a cuff buckle that locks in your feet.

Aggressive skating requires softer wheels that can also generate good speed.

The Team Pigeon skates come with 92A wheels which are 42mm and anti-rocker. These work very well on flat or anti-rocker surfaces.


  • Ideal for aggressive skaters
  • Maximizes comfort
  • Liners provide quality foot and ankle support


  • Premium price

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3. USD Sway Team 57 Inline Skates

Budget Friendly


The USD Sway Team 57 Aggressive Inline Skates are an affordable option for aggressive skaters and are well-suited for beginners.

One of the key design features of the Sway 3 is the USD Basic Dual Fit liners which are removable.

They provide high-quality foot and ankle protection, while also making the feel of the skates very comfortable.

The Sway 3 is more streamlined in design compared to previous models. The large soleplates removed unneeded material at the front, ensuring the skate is lighter in weight.

The affordable price point of the Sway 3 is particularly encouraging for beginners who are trying out aggressive skating activities for the first time.

USD Sway Team 57


The Sway 3 skates follow on from its predecessors to give a strong performing aggressive skate.

The skate is designed with 89A 57mm wheels which offer beginner skaters extra stability and forgiveness, as they get used to the aggressive skating style.

The skates also have large-sized pre-grooves located on the back and negative sides. This provides an extra surface area to grind with.

As the skates don’t include brakes, the extra surface area is handy for beginners to control speed.


  • Affordable price which is appealing to beginners
  • High comfort levels
  • Slick black and white design


  • Larger, softer wheels reduce the maximum speed

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4. Razors Genesys Black Skates

For Wide Feet


The Razors Genesys Black Skates are highly desired by beginner and professional aggressive skaters. The slick, monotone black design will fit in very well in a street skating setup or a skatepark.

The Genesys skates are ideal for skaters with wide feet. The skates have the widest shell of the Razor range, while the thick liners also provide quality levels of foot and ankle protection.

The Genesys liner is removable if you wanted to reduce the weight and alter the feel of the skate.

Skaters feel well wrapped in the Genesys skates due to the lacing and cuff buckle design. This provides added stability when performing grinds.

Razors Genesys Black


To incorporate a skater with wide feet, the soul plates on the Genesys skates are wide set which provides added surface area for grinding and controlling speed.

The skate is fitted with 2 x 57mm wheels which are 92A hardness and two anti-rocker wheels. The anti-rocker wheels are designed to reduce surface sticking and wheel biting, which can improve the grinding performance.

Most of the Genesys design features such as mounting frames or wheels are replaceable, which increases the product’s durability and overall performance.


  • Replaceable parts
  • Anti-rocker wheels to improve grinding performance
  • Wide shell is ideal for skaters with wide feet

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5. Razors Cult Black Inline Skates

Best Aggressive Inline Skates For Beginners


Beginners who are looking for their first pair of aggressive inline skates should look no further than the Razors Cult Black skates.

These skates are available at an affordable price and are known for their high comfort levels.

The Razors Cult Black skates are constructed from molded plastic for the outsole and they also contain a removable cult liner.

The skates are predominantly black in color, with a few white and charcoal accents to make them visually appealing.

The feet are well wrapped in the skates due to the lacing and plastic cuff buckle design.

While the UFS mounting directly to the shell ensures good stability for beginner skaters who are perfecting their technique.

Razors Cult Black


The Razors Cult Black skates perform well when compared to more premium-priced skates.

The 2 x 57mm 92A wheels and 2 x anti-rocker wheels, provide a great balance of forgiveness, speed, and control.

Purchasing skates with anti-rocker wheels is essential for beginner skaters who need extra support to perfect the grinding technique.

The Razors Cult Black skates are fully customizable. As you perfect your aggressive skating technique, you can replace the buckles, soul frames, cuffs, wheels, plates, frames, and liners with other options, depending on your skating style and aesthetic preferences.


  • Affordable price for beginners
  • Fitted with anti-rocker wheels
  • Fully customizable


  • Heavier than other aggressive skates

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6. USD Sway 60 XX1 Inline Skates


USD Sway 60 are aggressive skates that have a good price-to-performance ratio. These skates are designed to make grinds, jumps, and tricks on streets and skateparks.

These USD skates have a hard and one-piece boot. The combination provides you with a snug fit, power transfer, and good responsiveness.

These skates run small in size hence recommended to go one size up from the regular shoe size.

USD Sway 60 XXI


The skates have a high-cut cuff for maximum ankle support to reduce muscle fatigue and provide stabilization.

There is a composite frame that has a light and rugged design for a comfortable ride due to road vibration absorption.

The flat setup with the same size wheels gives the skate a stable and comfortable base.

There is a replaceable sole plate that helps you grind with no worries and 60mm wheels with 88A hardness and a wide profile for solid landing and faster acceleration.

It is made with a Universal Frame System which is a mounting system with plenty of opportunities when varying your setup and pairing different boots and frames.

Finally, they have removable liners that absorb shock and have a stretchable toe area.


  • Comfortable to wear and smooth to ride
  • Fast acceleration and solid landing
  • Removable liners for shock absorption.
  • Reduced muscle fatigue


  • Not true to size; needs a size up

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7. UFR Skates AP Antony Pottier Street


The UFR AP Antony Pottier Street is the French brand’s newest addition to free skating.

At a glance, they look old like the famous FR models with a soul plate. However, they may look old but their functionality is top-notch.

UFR was designed as a solution to the lack of the Universal Frame System. they are aggressive and compatible skates in the brand’s list.

UFR street has an affordable plastic boot. The UFR Ap skate is a boot with a regular FR liner. The skates have plastic top buckles and a 45-degree Velcro strap.

FR Skates UFR AP Antony Pottier Street


The UFR does not use the soul plate but rather a thick block was added to the shell mold making the boot have the mounting points on the same level without the soul plate.

The boot is streamlined alone and has a slim profile regularly making it the perfect candidate to wear big wheel-rockered frames.

The AP boot is equipped with an intuition liner which is the best liner in the market. The intuition liner has closed shell foam.


  • Large power strap and laces
  • Removable intuition liner with a closed shell foam
  • Great functionality
  • Streamlined boot for perfect stability
  • affordable


  • Do not use a soul plate
  • Do not work with raised heels

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8. USD Aeon 80 Team


USD Aeon 80 team incorporated 80mm wheels as modifications to look like a modern aggressive skate. It is often referred to as the perfect hybrid skate.

It works as a freestyle skate and performs aggressive grinds, tricks, and stunts.

This skate was innovated using a unibody shell taking away the above to remove the frame and make one piece boot allowing a minimal amount of hardware used hence a lower overall center of gravity.

USD Aeon 80 Team


These skates have the speed of 4*80mm wheels with the most innovative and capable aggressive skates.

The skate will make you love hitting the streets and parks with unmatched performance and speed.

The USD AEON 80 has a unibody design to bring the skate even when riding 80mm wheels.

The frame, boot, and soul plate have been combined into a single piece to reduce weight and give you a solid base and excellent power transfer.

The skate is ideal for a speed boost through the city and is bombproof for one who wants to throw grinds in the mix with a large soul kit which ensures that the big wheels are rolling.

The skate has a supportive, strong, and two-way rocker able cuff wrapping around your foot for maximum sideways support.

The carves provide good frontal flex for strides efficiency. They have WICKED ABEC 9 bearings and 4*80mm UNDERCOVER raw wheels.

The ideal mix of an aggressive and urban skate gives you the tools and speed needed to grind further, slide longer, get bigger air, and land bigger gaps.


  • Maximum sideways support
  • Carves for good frontal flex for efficient strides
  • Single-piece boot, frame, and soul plate for reduced weight hence excellent power transfer

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9. USD Aeon 60 Basic XXI


The USD Aeon Basic are aggressive skates that have a nice price-to-performance ratio. They are designed for making grinds, tricks, and jumps on the streets and skate parks.

These USD Aeon 60 Basic Aggressive skates have a one-piece boot.

The advantages of one-piece construction are snugness with better responsiveness and a comfortable fit.

USD Aeon 60 Basic XXI


These skates are small in size hence important to choose one size up from the regular shoe size. The V-cut provides maneuverable and increased mobility for versatile skating.

There is also the composite frame with a light and rugged design to provide comfort when riding because they absorb road vibrations.

The skates also have flat setups and wheel hardness of 90A as well as a wide profile for speed and solid landings of your tricks.

They have heat moldable liners that adapt to the shape of your feet hence giving you a personalized fit and comfort.

The foam and breathable mesh combination found in the liner keeps your feet aerated and comfy.


  • Comfortable fast and smooth
  • Well ventilated
  • Heat moldable for a personalized fit


  • They come in small sizes hence need to buy one size up

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10. Roces M12 Aggressive Rollerblades


The Roces created the Majestic 12 aggressive inline skates.

The aggressive and street skating started around the time of the first release of the M12. It has been tried and tested among a lot of old-school skaters.

These skates are a classic design from the mid-90s. They were delivered for great entry-level inline skaters. They deliver performance to any level of skater who wants aggressive inline skates.

Roces M12


These skates have polyurethane of high grade that provides durability and can withstand hard riding.

They come from the anatomical-shaped foam that can adjust to the foot contours for a snug fit.

The insole absorbs the heavy impact shocks from landing tricks. They strap the skate with a strong aluminum memory buckle and laces. These skates are ready for street and park skating.

They have a versatile UFS frame with a special aggro-grab strap and grinds plate.

The HGPU shell memory buckles and laces for easy adjustment and snug fit. The aggressive inline skate meets the skater’s needs because it is an all-around good skate.


  • The aluminum memory buckle and laces provide a snug fit feel,
  • The shell has high-grade Polyurethane for durability
  • The anatomically padded liner for comfort.
  • The Glass fiber reinforced nylon UFS frame form for stability

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Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Aggressive Street Skates

The Best Aggressive Inline Skates

Aggressive Wheels

Wheels designed for aggressive inline skating are ideal for street and park use.

Typically, the wheel size is between 54mm and 64mm which is a small size to make it easier for the skater to turn and make stunts.

The wheel durometer ranges from 86A to 95A meaning they are hard wheels.

This level of hardness ensures that the rider slides easily when skating because there is less grip which stops the wheels from sticking to the skating surface.


The bearings are positioned inside the wheel to make sure it spins.

With aggressive skating, the bearings need to be replaced regularly because they are subjected to a lot of hard impacts that cause them to wear and tear quickly.

Replacing old bearings with new ones ensures that you have a good roll as well as gives you the best circumstances for you to do the stunts easily. You can purchase the bearings as spare parts when buying your skates.

Normally, bearings are specified using the ABEC scale which is between 1 to 9 and is used to define the bearing’s precision.

Typically, you will have a better rolling experience if the ABEC rating is higher.

However, the ABEC rating does not indicate the durability of the bearing.

Additionally, it is recommended that you purchase bearings from a reputable brand instead of focusing more on the ABEC rating alone.

2 Or 4 Wheels

The main reason why skaters choose 2 wheels is that grinding is made easier.

When you grind, the second and third wheels are in the way, and since wheels can be grippy if one gets caught on the obstacle you are grinding, you will likely fall. But when you are not grinding, the extra wheels will give you a smooth ride.

Having 4 wheels on your skate means you have a better feeling about the road especially if it is bumpy.

With 4 wheels, your speed and maneuverability are also better. In short, riding on 4 wheels is better, except when you want to grind.

To have the best of both worlds, get an aggressive skate that has a removable frame in the UFS mounting system, which will also have a big grind block.

Aggressive Skate Frames

Aggressive skates have different types of frames and each frame has a specific type of wheel setup.

Aggressive Skate Frames

The type of wheel setup that you chose will depend on your skating style which you can develop over time. Each wheel setup has its benefits as explained below:

Anti-Rocker – it is made up of two small grind wheels and two big wheels for easy grinding.

When you grind with this setup, it locks better and increases speed. This setup is standard for most if not all aggressive inline skates.

Flat – this setup is made up of four wheels that are similar in size and it makes aggressive skates more maneuverable.

Freestyle – it has two wheels and does not have the option of putting wheels in the middle of the frame. This setup enables you to grind on things that you wouldn’t be able to such as a tree stump. This allows you to showcase your creative style.

Note that you can replace all UFS frames with another UFS frame regardless of size and brand.

Hardboot Vs Softboot

A skate with a hard boot comes with a removable liner while a skate with a soft boot does not have a liner. You can remove the padded part from the hard boot and replace it if it is worn out.

When selecting skates, ensure that they are not flexing sidewards. A stiffer skate performs better and it does not mean that they are uncomfortable because of the stiffness in the exterior.

Most stiff skates have soft boots that are designed with carbon such as the USD Carbon, Seba Cj, or Gawds skate.

However, they cost over 300 euros. To create a well-performing skate more cheaply, built one in a hard boot style.


This refers to the interior of the boot. Typically, a good liner provides enough support for your ankle and foot and should have thick padding to reduce the impact of hard landings and make you feel comfortable.

With most models, you can replace your liner if it wears down with a new one.

Also, you can replace it to get a better fit if the original liner is not comfortable. This way you will not need to change your boot’s fit by heat molding it.

Ensure that you use liners that are specifically made for aggressive skating as they have better padding for better support around the ankle area as well as a better grip on the heel to prevent a wobbly fit.

Sizing Of Aggressive Inline Skates Explained

Aggressive skates should feel very tight, but the problem is most people are not used to the tight sensation on the feet and may choose a bigger size.

When striding, the moving happens by your foot controlling the wheels and it is the skate that transfers the movement.

The best size for aggressive skates to get is the size of your current shoe or one size up.

If the connection between your foot and the wheels is tighter and the skate is stiffer, your performance will be better. For the liner, add 10mm to 20mm to the length of your foot to get a perfect size.

Most manufacturers of aggressive skates include the sizes and guidelines on their websites for you to follow. If you get a skate and it does not fit you, return it for an exchange or refund.

Do not wear a skate that is too tight or too wide as you will have blisters on your feet or may fall while skating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aggressive Wheels

What’s The Difference Between Freestyle And Aggressive Inline Skates?

Aggressive skates have boots that are abrasion-resistant plastic and super-sturdy. The sole has a flat hard plate that is constructed to take the abuse when doing demanding grinds.

Aggressive inline skates use small wheels with a square-shaped profile. Aggressive skates are used by daring skaters who do treacherous jumps and drops.

On the other hand, freestyle skates are inline skates with a wheelbase that is short for stiff ankle support and maneuverability.

The skate also has a hard boot with a stiff upper and provides skaters with a more urban feel and look. Freestyle skates are used for recreational and leisure skating.

Why Do Some Aggressive Skates Have Two Smaller Wheels In The Middle?

The two smaller wheels in the middle of an aggressive skate are known as anti-rocker wheels.

The two wheels are very small and they do not make contact with the ground when you are skating.

Generally, anti-rocker wheels are purchased with the anti-rocker frame, which is normal for aggressive skates. The main purpose of these wheels is to make it easier for the skate to lock in on a grind rail.

Do Aggressive Inline Skates Have Brakes?

Most aggressive skates do not have brakes because of how these skates are used and for the sake of freedom of movement.

When skating with these skates, most players need to do hit jumps and other tricks.

Any brake system will prevent the player to perform the tricks. So, one has to learn braking techniques to be able to stop.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has given you all the information that you need to choose the best aggressive inline skates.

The buying guide should also help you decide on which skate fits you perfectly for your size and your riding style.

From our product reviews, there is a broad range of products available which offer a variety of price points, design styles, and performance capabilities. Knowing your skating preferences is key when finding the best value product.

Understanding all the components of an aggressive inline skate including the bearings, liners, wheels, and frames will also help you in making the decision.

From this article, our top pick is the Rollerblade Blank SK Sean Keane Pro because it is thoughtfully made with a boot that contains high-performing features that are liked by many skaters.

The cuff wrap and anatomical design of the soleplates and blank shells make it easy to open and close.

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