Best 3 Wheel Inline Skates (2023) – 3 Wheel Rollerblades 

Skating with 3-wheel rollerblades is increasingly becoming popular and many people are putting on a pair of these skates and hitting the streets and parks again.

However, if you are a beginner, it may be challenging to select the best 3-wheel inline skates to get started on your rollerblading adventures.

Recently, three-wheel inline skates are becoming the way to go because they offer many benefits such as being faster, and smoother, and providing skaters with better maneuverability.

Previously, three-wheel inline skates or tri-skates were used for small junior skates and off-road skating but they have been revolutionized by companies to be used for regular skating as they come with quality features.

Continue reading to learn more about the best 3-wheel rollerblades available in the market and a detailed buying guide to guide you in choosing the right one for you.

Editor's Choice
Rollerblade Twister 110 3WD

The Rollerblade Twister 110 3WD is our Editor’s Choice for the best 3 wheel inline skates because it provides you with the best performance and improves your comfort. The liners are improved, the shell is lighter, and the sizing is made easy for you to find the right size. These skates are made for urban free-skaters who are seeking thrill but still want a smooth and fast ride.

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Roces X35 Savosin Pro TIF

Our second choice is the Roces X35. It comes with an optical illusion frame, a ventilated boot, and liners. The boot has an asymmetric streamline and is designed using polypropylene which is high in quality to last you longer. The standard lacing and ratchet buckles offer an optimal and comfortable fit.

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Budget Friendly
Powerslide Next 100 Inline Skates

For a cheaper 3-wheel inline skate, the Powerslide Next 100 is the best option. The frame offers great agility and is suitable for urban skaters. The boot features cutouts and cuff height to change flex. It also has lace holes and memory fit to provide support and comfort.

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For Beginners
Rollerblade RB110 Inline Skates

For those starting, the Rollerblade RB110 is the best choice for you as they offer controlled speed and comfortable performance. The anatomical liners are sublimated for high-performance reasons and have an extra heel shock absorber.

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10 Best 3-Wheel Inline Skates (2023)

If you are a beginner or want to get back to skating with 3-wheel inline skates, you might have noticed that there are plenty of them in the market at the moment and it can be challenging to find the right one.

3-wheel skates come with different features and styles depending on the brand.  Below are the top 3-wheel inline skates including the designs, performance, pros, and cons:

1. Rollerblade Twister 110 Urban Inline Skates

Best 3-Wheel Inline Skates 2023 (Editor’s Choice)


The Rollerblade Twister 110 Urban Inline skates are one of the most popular 3-wheel skates currently on the market.

Designed with a new fit, the skates provide great comfort levels and quality performance.

Some of the key design enhancements of the Twister 110 are the lightweight shell, improved liners, and improved sizing.

This makes the Twister 110 one of the most sought-after skates for urban free-skaters who are chasing the thrill.

Other design improvements include the Comfort Flex Tongue which is designed with cushioned wings around a plastic outer piece, to improve boot support and agility.

Sizing is made easy due to the Footboard Sizers that can be placed under the insoles to adjust by half a size if needed.

Rollerblade Twister 110 3WD


The Twister 110 performs remarkably well in urban environments.

The skates contain robust and adjustable aluminum frames which are mounted on the aluminum mounting blocks located on the boot.

This design ensures that you have maximum control and synergy with the skates, especially when skating at speed.

The skates include premium hydrogen 85A wheels accompanied by Twincam ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings. The soft wheels ensure maximum responsiveness and durability on unpredictable urban surfaces.


  • Adjustable sizing for a comfortable fit
  • Lightweight shell improves speed and control
  • Soft wheels ensure maximum responsiveness
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Takes time to break in
  • Tricky to take on and off

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2Roces X35 Savosin Pro TIF Skates



The Roces X35 3×110 Savosin Pro TIF Skates are the first elite-level skates produced by Roces.

The skate design is stunning, with a Jurassic red and black color scheme including tiger-stripe liners.

The design focuses on providing elite urban skaters with good ventilation and quality performance.

The Roces X35 boots are constructed from top-quality polypropylene which is designed with plenty of ventilation holes to allow for good foot breathability.

A comfortable fit is assured due to the standard lacing and ratchet buckles.

One of the best design features of the Roces X35 is the liners which are made with eco-leather and also include anatomical padding. Additionally, ankle protection is provided by supporting padding.

Roces X35 3*110 Savosin Pro


The Roces X35 is primed to deliver high-performance outcomes.

Although the skates are designed with recreational urban skaters in mind, they are also accessible for aggressive skaters who wish to perform stunts.

The skates are made with the classic 3 wheels of 110mm diameter. The wheels are soft with an 85A hardness rating, while the skates also have ABEC7 bearings.

Recreational skaters enjoy the speed control of the Roces X35 as a brake is included with the skate.


  • Quality materials and manufacturing
  • Designed for plenty of foot ventilation.
  • Brakes included for speed control.
  • Work well for recreational and aggressive skating.

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3. Powerslide Next 100 Inline Skates 

Budget Friendly


The Powerslide Next 100 Inline Skates Black/White offers a budget-friendly option for recreational skaters wanting to try 3-wheel skates.

The skates are perfectly designed for urban skating, as they include adjustable cuffs and cutouts to alter the flex.

The skates are designed with Trinity mounting which means they are customizable with any trinity frame.

The Trinity mounting design incorporates a winged mount placed under the ball of the foot which lowers the skate position.

A lower skate position increases push-off acceleration and overall skate stability.

The Next 100 skates have a slick aesthetic appeal due to the contrasting black-and-white color scheme.

The boot shell is predominantly white, with black standard laces, liners, and ankle protectors.

Powerslide Next 100


The Next 100 skates are remarkably responsive and agile. The Elite Cast Aluminium frame is adjustable and removable, while the wheelbase is short to increase agility around street corners and turns.

The Next 100 wheels are 100mm in diameter and have 88A wheel hardness, with ABEC9 Bearings also used.

These are slightly smaller and firmer wheels compared to other 3-wheel skates. This combined with ABEC9-rated bearings maximizes speed and a smooth roll.

Comfort is guaranteed with moldable MYFIT liners.


  • Quality performance at an affordable price
  • Customizable trinity mounting
  • Design maximizes acceleration speed.
  • Fast and smooth roll


  • Narrow fit so not suited for skaters with wide feet.

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4. Rollerblade RB110 Inline skates

For Beginners


The Rollerblade RB110 Inline skates are a great choice for beginners who are learning the techniques of 3-wheel skating.

The RB110 skates are designed to ensure maximum support, ventilation, and comfort for beginner skaters.

Constructed from vented molded plastic, the boot shell is very strong and can withstand obstacles that are thrown its way, ensuring the skate is durable.

The skates are suited to beginners due to the extra support given to your feet.

The skates include high-quality, anatomical liners, and the skates also have an additional shock absorber on the heel for added responsiveness and balance.

Quality foot support is also guaranteed with the training footbed which molds to your foot and top eyelets which provide a secure fit.

Rollerblade RB110 3WD


The RB110 performs supremely well in urban settings. The skates have a low profile and low gravity center due to the 3WD aluminum frame.

A lower center of gravity increases maneuverability and speed, which are key priorities for beginner skaters.

The wheels are 110mm and 85A hardness, with ABEC7 bearings. The relatively soft wheels are ideal for handling various urban surfaces while also providing high responsiveness.

No brakes are included but they are compatible if purchased separately.


  • High comfort levels and support for beginner skaters
  • Strong and durable boot material
  • High responsiveness from heel shock absorbers and soft wheels
  • Low center of gravity for increased control
  • Good for wide feet

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5. Powerslide Arise RD Inline Skates

3 Wheel Inline Speed Skates


The Powerslide Arise RD Inline Skates are purpose-built for speed and elite-level skating.

These premium skates are best used on open road skating due to the lightweight boot and agile trinity mount magnesium frames.

The skates can also be used for urban skating, but the streamlined design is best suited for advanced-level skaters.

The lightweight boot is constructed from premium, mid-cut carbon which includes removable cuffs.

Inside the boot is a microfiber liner, designed to give support but not add too much weight to the skate.

The wrap of the skate is very stiff and firm to ensure maximum responsiveness which is a priority for skaters who travel at high speeds.

Powerslide Arise RD


The high-speed performance of the Arise RD is enabled by the lightweight and streamlined design.

The low center of gravity enabled by the trinity mount frames also support greater skating speeds, agility, and acceleration power.

The frames are removable and adjustable based on personal preferences, allowing you to customize the Arise RD skates to maximize your performance.

The Arise RD wheels are 85A hardness, 110mm diameter, and fitted with ABEC9 bearings. The soft wheels ensure responsive, versatile performance, while the bearings allow for a fast and smooth roll.


  • Ideal for elite-level skaters.
  • Ultra-lightweight and streamlined design.
  • Design focuses on speed, acceleration, and agility.
  • Made with premium materials.


  • Premium price
  • Not suited to recreational or beginner urban skaters.

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6. Powerslide Zoom Renegade SUV 125


The Powerslide Zoom Renegade 125 is a strong and durable boot designed for dirty trails, parks, and outdoor skating.

These skates feel at home whether you are on or off-road and they can be used for thrilling action skating or when you are on your intense full-body workout.

Powerslide Zoom Renegade SUV 125Skates


They are accompanied by strong and supportive cuffs needed to give you confidence when going off-road because of plenty of control even at high speeds.

They have a rugged boot that comes with a premium closure system, a strong cuff buckle, traditional lacing, and a ratchet buckle for a firm fit.

This skate is designed with the famous Trinity 3-point mounting system that offers excellent control, stability, and power transfer essential for off-road skating.

This skate has a thick shock absorber with the MYFIT Recall Dual fit liner and memory foam padding that gives you excellent cushioning for big air sessions.

They have a light and rugged extruded aluminum and CNC machine frame that rides on 5”/125mm wheels for excellent grip in wet and dry conditions.

WICKED Rustproof bearings are making the skate complete and ready for performance in any condition.


  • Strong and durable
  • MYFIT recall liner for comfort.
  • Great control, stability, and power transfer


  • May feel a little heavy when worn.

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7. Rollerblade Maxxum 125 3WD


This is a versatile redesigned Maxxum 125. The skate is crafted to attract urban skaters and racers.

They are used in the “Skate to Ski” program that belongs to Rollerblades to enable the skies to use inline skating to remain fit off-season.

Rollerblade Maxxum 125 3WD


They feature a vented and molded boot that provides advanced comfort and a modified shell for lighter weight and enhanced support.

The footboard size allows the skater to ensure a premium performance fit. The Performance Skate Insole Plus and Skate Liner Plus enhance the stance of the skate.

It has upgraded cushioning, more breathability, improved wrapping, and shock-absorbing padding in the heel. The liner offers comfort while the Tongue facilitates support and flex.

They have a dual micro-adjustable cuff with 45 degrees buckles and extended lacing for a snug fit.

They have an Anti-Torsion Box technology that utilizes aluminum plates with 295mm frames for speed and power transfer.


  • 3WD Extruded aluminum frame that increases maneuverability.
  • Footboard size that allows the skater to get a tighter fit.
  • A premium secure closure system for a custom precise fit.
  • Ultimate performance from the elite performance Hydrogen wheels.


  • They are fast and hence suitable for experienced skaters.

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8. Powerslide Swell Lite 100


This skate shows what the new age of fitness skates looks like. The SWELL concept has fitness, style, and comfort in one skate.

They have anatomically formed boots with three wheels on a trinity frame and exciting fresh design.

These skates are good for long endurance training because they give a quick ride because of their big wheels on the short frame.

There is the trinity system that puts the boot and the frame asymmetrically together. There are three screws for enhanced stability.

These skates are vegan made and are suited with Height adjustable brakes. They have a removable and heat moldable liner. The ABEC 7 bearings and 100mm wheels can do a lot.

Powerslide Swell Lite 100


The Powerslide Swell Lite 100 is an anatomical-shaped shell that includes a one-piece cuff with a Powerknit upper portion of the boot.

This skate features an innovative and proven fitness skate that combines superior stability with excellent comfort.

This Swell Lite inline skate has a feather-light MYFIT dual-size liner which is heat moldable. They are designed around the famous Trinity 3-point mounting system.

This skate gives you a low center of gravity, power transfer, and improved stability and control.

They have a precision Powerslide Elite Frame that rides on a fast and agile three-wheel setup with Swell 100m/83A wheels and WICKED ABEC 7 bearings.

This is an agile, fast, and fun skate. It is completed with the Height Adjustable Brake System to bring your training sessions to a new level.


  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • Comfortable
  • They are agile, fast, and fun
  • Heat moldable

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9. K2 Trio 110 3-Wheel Inline Skates


When K2 designed the k2 trio skates, they set the bar higher. The intended result was a maneuverable, high-performance, and innovative three-wheel skate that has an optional rocker setup.

They are made of three 110mm wheels that have ILQ-9 bearings to allow for a fast and smooth skating experience with the urban curt providing the required support.

They have the traditional lacing that brings a great feel and fit with an added element of timelessness to the versatile premium skate equipped for the right speed.

K2 Trio 110


The traditional lacing secures the skates with one pull making them easy to wear and take off.

They have a Trio frame that is vibration absorbing and interlocked with the base to keep the ride more balanced by being lower to the ground.

They have five adjustable sizes that keep the skates in use for more than a season. They have 110mm high-performance wheels with ILQ9 bearings perfect for safe speeding and the right spin.

The V-cut cuff offer increased maneuverability and mobility for versatile skating.

They have built-in liners with an anatomical shape and the combination of foam and breathable mesh keep the feet aerated and comfortable.

The Universal Frame System is a mounting system that offers a lot of opportunities when trying your setup and pairing different boots and frames.


  • Adjustable
  • Durable and fast
  • Great stability
  • High-performance wheels

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10. FR Skates FR X 310


These are the three 3 wheels of your choice. This FR skates FR X 310 is a skate that has the same performance as those models with high specs hence making it the skater’s favorite skate.

This skate has the FR liner premium, a wider boot opening, and a 3D EVA footbed.

The boot of the FR has an interesting story because this boot used to belong to Seba. When FR and Seba went separate ways, the FR took the mold with them and started remaking it and made their own.

FR Skates FRX 310


The lightweight and firmness of this boot make it their main takeaway. FR did not compromise on performance even with their robust construction.

The skates offer great ankle support and shock absorption.

The FR boot works together with the liner reducing the vibrations and remaining responsive to the movements. The skate is easy to wear and feels adaptive on the foot.

It has 110mm wheels and a thick and slipper-like that offer the best-in-class comfort at any price.

FR X 310 skates hold the foot securely using a Velcro id-strap fastening at the top and an FK buckle fastening at the ankle. It has the FR laces for bladers who are dedicated.

These laces are lengthy, matte finish and wide girth for a nice grip. They are often looked for as an aftermarket items.

The boot is also mounted on the new X2 310/232mm frames with the FR street kings wheels in 110mm. They are great for fitness, recreation, and freestyle skating.


  • Lightweight and firm
  • Enhanced ankle support and shock absorption
  • Great for recreational, fitness, and freestyle skating.


  • Most people find the FR skates fit a little small hence recommended to choose a size up if you are not sure of your sizes.

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Advantages Of 3 Wheel Inline Skates

Advantages Of 3 Wheel Inline Skates

The following are the advantages of choosing to ride a three-wheel inline skate:

  • It comes with three big wheels that offer a smooth ride as it gets over bumps and cracks easily, maintains roll for longer, and is faster.
  • The big wheels in tri-skates mean you have a higher level of maneuverability. They are the best choice for freestyle and urban skaters that have the endurance of skating with their knees bent and in the proper stance.
  • You can add skating on tri-skates to your outdoor skating sessions and cross-training routines.
  • Turning and maneuvering tight corners is easy because the middle wheel acts as a pivot.
  • They are lighter which enhances your endurance and makes skating fun which allows you to skate faster, farther, and harder.

What Type Of Skating Are 3 Wheel Inline Skates Best For?

The following are the different types of skating that 3-wheel inline skates are made for:

Leisure – three-wheel skates work well when skating recreationally such as at the seafront or park as they provide you with great speed.

Urban/city – the wheels on the three-inline skate ensure that you roll over bumps and cracks in the road easily, meaning there is less tripping and keep the speed better.

Speed and marathon – 3-inline skates have been used by marathoners such as Bart Swings who smashed the world record in 2015. This is proof that they are the perfect option when you have a marathon coming.

Freestyle/slalom – if you are into speed slalom, 3-wheel inline skates are a good option especially if you make the middle wheel slightly lower than the outer wheels. For freestyle slalom, some players prefer the 4-wheel inline skate for the extra control, but the 3-wheel also does the job.

Which Size Inline Skate Wheels Should You Choose?

There are three-wheel options available for 3-wheel rollerblades including 125mm, 110mm, and 100mm.

Most inline skate brands are making the 110mm wheel size standard as it is a great medium.

However, it feels a little longer and higher compared to the 80mm 4-wheeled setup, therefore, if you want to have the same feeling, maneuverability, and ride height that the 4 by 4 freestyle skate offers, choose the 100mm 3-wheeled inline skate.

You also need to consider the length of the frame. If you want the same feeling as the one the regular 80mm freestyle skate offers, use a short frame of 231mm on the 100mm 3-wheel inline skate.

If you like speed, bigger strides, skating in the open, and stability, you should get yourself a longer frame.

If you are a seasoned skater or obsessed with speed and looking for your next kick, the 125mm 3-wheel inline skates are the one for you.

The bigger size will make you feel clumsy, less, and highly responsive if you are skating in an enclosed space, but you can get a reward in form of adrenaline and speed if you can make the sacrifice.

3 Vs 4 Wheel Inline Skates: What’s The Difference?

The Best 3 Wheel Inline Skates

There are a few differences between three-wheel and four-wheel inline skates as explained below:

  • Design – Both types of skates have wheels arranged in a line within one central frame. However, tri-skates have more space in the frame and hence have bigger wheels which leads to a taller frame making you skate higher off the ground. On the other hand, four-wheel skates have a longer frame, and smaller wheels, and you stay close to the ground while riding.
  • Performance – the difference in the number of wheels affects the skate’s performance in terms of stability, smoothness, and speed. Tr-skates are faster than four-wheeled skates. Tri-skates have bigger wheels and can take on bumps easily, which makes skating smooth.
  • Maneuverability – three-wheel skates have better maneuverability because they have a shorter frame and the middle wheel acts as a pivot which makes rotation easier. However, four-wheel skates use smaller body movements to keep your balance compared to the tri-skates.
  • Braking or stopping – with tri-skates, it can be hard to stop because having one less wheel reduces the grip. Braking if you are speeding can be challenging as well.
  • Stability – tri-skates are less stable because they are higher from the ground and you can easily wobble compared to the four-wheel skates, which are closer to the ground and have a wider base.
  • Weight – generally, quad skates are heavier than tri-skates because they have one extra wheel, axle, bearing, and spacer. For long-distance skating, tri-skates are recommended.

Learning To Skate On 3 Wheel Rollerblades

The following are the simple steps for learning to rollerblade on 3-wheel inline skates:

Always make sure that you are wearing protective gear including a helmet, wristbands, knee pads, and elbow pads.

Find the right inline skates that fit you snugly and provide support to your ankles.

The first skill to learn is the art of balancing. Try balancing on the grass first before rolling as it provides more traction.

Once you can balance, find a smooth surface to practice rollerblading.

Learn to roll by putting one foot forward, then pushing it back to roll, place the other foot on the ground, and alternate with the pushes.

The next thing is to learn how to stop. You do this by shifting your weight to the foot and applying pressure on the stopper.

Finally, learn how to turn by making a scissor position with your feet. To turn left, bring your right foot in front of the left foot and to turn right bring your left foot in front of the right foot. You do all this while bending your leg.

Start learning slowly and once you have built up your confidence you can increase the speed.

Final Words

3-wheel inline skates are the thing in town and having one means you are stepping up your rollerblading game.

They are lighter and have better maneuverability and great speed which are desired features by most skaters.

Learning how to skate on tri-skates needs patience but with the right equipment, skating will be made easier.

Rollerblade Twister 110 3WD is our Editor’s Choice for the best 3 wheel rollerblades because it provides you with the best performance and improves your comfort.

The liners are improved, the shell is lighter, and the sizing is made easy for you to find the right size. This skate is made for urban free-skaters who are seeking thrill but still want a smooth and fast ride.

Hopefully, you now have all the information you need to get started on rollerblading with a 3-wheel inline skate.

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